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Cricket is the Game of Ground...

There was a time when I was in favor of friendship among the big two rivals Pakistan and India, but since Mumbai Attacks my views are changed. I know and condemn whatever happened during those days when the most famous city of India was on attack. However the attitude of whole Indian nation and the vibes I received form the neighborhood was pathetic. A few days back when I was watching TV I suddenly flipped the channel and the Bid for IPL was on, the worst news came to me that no one is bidding for any Pakistani Player.
Dawn Reported:

The federal sports minister got into the act, complaining about the “discriminatory treatment” meted out by the IPL. This needless statement prompted not one but two official rejoinders from across the border, with India’s ministers for sports and foreign affairs insisting that their government has nothing to do with the affairs of the IPL. Then it was the Indian High Commission’s turn to say more or less the same thing. In the very same communiqué, however, the IHC went beyond cricket and into the realm of cross-border relations when it advised Islamabad to “introspect on the reasons which have put a strain on relations between India and Pakistan”. Not to be outdone, Pakistan’s Foreign Office was quick to pounce on this apparent contradiction and assert that “variables extraneous to sports” had influenced the IPL... Full Story
here are few links and cuttings of what indian press have to say on it.
Times of India says;

“Without the Pakistani players, Modi and company can still have the spectacle. But for me, IPL 3 will be nothing more than a bonfire of corporate vanities”.

“What was suspected after Tuesday’s auction of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is now confirmed - there was indeed a consensus among the team franchisees that none of them would bid for the Pakistani players.”

“Rejecting Pakistan's charge that its players were snubbed for IPL at the behest of India, external affairs minister S M Krishna on Thursday said it should draw a line between government programmes and private events.”

Indian Express

“...On that day not one of the 11 Pakistanis, each of whom was up for auction because each had been considered by at least one franchisee in the preparatory stage, received a single bid.”

“The Indian Premier League auction’s hammer has come down hard on Pakistan cricket. Like a jilted lover, the cricket fan here is heart-broken, confused and angry. The question he asks is how could the Twenty20 world champions not have a buyer?”

Hindustan Times

“Former Pakistan captain Zaheer Abbas has suggested that the national hockey team should be withdrawn from the World Cup in India to protest the "humiliating" treatment meted out to the country's cricketers at the Indian Premier League auction.”

“Players almost unknown to India have fetched record prices, but there were no takers for the current world Twenty20 champions Pakistan. That’s the message the third auction of the Indian Premier League sent out on Tuesday, when none of the 11 Pakistanis up for sale received any bids.”


“While the Indian government distanced itself from the ignoring of Pakistani players in the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction, former Foreign Secretaries criticised the incident as ‘very shocking’ and ‘unnecessary.’”|7516730|7522622|7522233|7522581&nextIndex=4

The Best 11 for T20 according to the ICC ranking had number of Pakistani Players in it but none of the IPL franchise wanted to have any Pakistani Player. My attitude on this issue is as same as an emotional person can have in such situation and the title of Faisal Kapadia's Blog “Aman ki faktha roasted at Ipl ” somehow describes what I feel.
Now days as life have become busy and hectic, some time I don't have time to blog on issues as they happen so I let this issue under the rug but my anger on this disrespect remain alive. This morning when I was leaving for office I saw some glimpse of Under 19 Cricket World Cup quarter final where Pakistan was taking on India. At the same time, a pray emerge in my heart and I wanted team Pakistan to win though I had no interest in this tournament till this morning.
While I was in the class of my training session, an SMS came as beautiful news it said that Pakistani Eagles have outshined the Indian team and threw them out of the race. That might be a pay back which young kids took from the opponents proving that cricket is a game which is decided in a ground during game not in a corporate oriented room and bids.
if you also missed to watch the live action of the match than here are the highlights.
Picture Courtesy: Geo Super

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