Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to U

The progress in telecom Sector of Pakistan started a new journey with the dawn of new millennium but to me the year which really brought a start was 2001. At that time there were 3 cellular services providers networks were working in Pakistan, by the end of first month of the new 2001 another cellular company came into the scene, I think I should better say a new company was launched- - before the launch the company was already in the news the reason was the logo of the company (old one-- in the picture) which was chosen by the potential customers of the company in a poll and the other reason was the interesting TV advertisement of this company.
From the day one it was my favorite cellular brand though I did not have a cell phone those days, but I like the step they took by offering free incoming call first time in Pakistan in Cellular services. I am talking about Ufone, my favorite cellular brand. It was first to launch the GPRS services and Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS) and prepaid roaming in Pakistan. Ufone has maintained itself as the 2nd largest cellular operator in Pakistan with a subscriber base of around 20 million out of 76 million total users in Pakistan and a market share of nearly 25%. Ufone has seen a subscriber growth rate of over 200% in the last year, and since the start of 2005 Ufone added nearly 5 million subscribers onto its network. Ufone also Nominated as Best Brand of The Year at The Telecoms World Awards Middle East
Ufone is a brand of PTML (Pakistan Telecommunication Mobile Limited) which is the subsidiary of PTCL. The company started its journey in 2001 today celebrating 9th anniversary the second largest cellular service provider of the country which is famous for the interesting and enjoyable advertisements and the most reliable service provider has grown 9 now, and moving to gain more and more success.
Many of you must be thinking that why I am writing about a cellular network, telecom has never been the area which I touched. The answer which I can figure out is the two reasons, one it is the company which was owned and launched by Pakistan's own PTCL and the other reason behind this writeup is that I am not only a user of Ufone but I am also a part of Ufone Team. Since last 15 days, Ufone is my employer and it's a proud to be the part of a company which has always been my Favorite brand. The relationship between me and Ufone which started in 2006 when I got a SIM(though its still regestered in my Father's Name) of Ufone has now turned in a relation ship which is more of a team member than an employer and employee.
That's what I have to say and here is what those people say whose words really matter; Mr. Abdul Aziz President &; CEO Ufone said:
“It is a common belief that it is difficult to smile in these trying circumstances, but we at Ufone, have plenty of reasons to smile and believe that all of Pakistan can find reasons to smile”. He declared that the next year's theme for Ufone will be “Spreading smiles”.

“On the auspicious occasion of the 9th anniversary, we look back at all our achievements with a smile and feel content that it has contributed substantially to the development of thetelecom sector. Only in the last year we have made the largest contribution (42%) in the revenue growth of the telecom industry & have produced excellent results by clocking 2.5 times growth versus industry average”,

In the end I am again lacking in the part which I always feel as my weakness; yes I don't know how to wrap-up this post, therefore I can only wish a success and prosperity to my employer and my favorite cellular bard.

Picture Courtesy: Telecom News Bulletin
P.S > I want to clarify one thing that when I say that Ufone is my favorite cellular brand I mean it & it has nothing to do with the fact that I work in Ufone.

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