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Examination fee is taking by Govt.

Examination fee is taking by Govt. which is prove of Govt. efforts for education......? On one side they say, they are doing more and more for education, free education, free books, no fee, etc. etc. FREEEEEEEEEEEE......??? WHY YOU ARE CHEATING PAKISTANI PEOPLES...?

New way of help....... MUST READ?

New way of help.......? MUST READ

Saturday, February 27, 2010

U.S house Jundallah top leader Rigi: Webspter Tarpley

U.S house Jundallah top leader Rigi: Webspter Tarpley

M.F Hussain takes Qatar nationality after Hindu Extremist Threats

one of the most famous Muslim artist from India M.F Hussain takes Qatar nationality after Hindu Extremist Threats.

Jundullah Leader admits CIA help after arrest

Jundullah top Leader Abdul Malik Rigi admits CIA help after arrest by Iran.

Afghan Taliban targets Kabul again

Yesterday Afghan Taliban has targeted the Afghanistan Capital Kabul again with a massive suicide attack in high security area where most of foreigners where living. in the attack 17 people where killed including 9 Indians. Afghan Taliban has taken the responsibility of this attack. due to attack one Guest house was completely destroyed while other was badly damaged. 5 Afghan Taliban attacked yesterday morning including one Suicide attacker in a very important area of Kabul. The firing continued for 2 hours between Taliban and Afghan Security forces. last month also Afghan Taliban done massive attacks in Kabul. by doing such attacks Afghan Taliban are proving that their influence is not only in other areas but also in Afghan capital Kabul.

Indians as usual have blamed Pakistan for these attacks because it is their old habit to blame Pakistan for anything in India or with Indians. on other hand the biggest operation in Afghanistan is continued in Marjah where Nato forces are facing huge resistance from Afghan Taliban. Nato forces are also going to start a big operation in Kandhar province of Afghanistan soon.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Indian media do comparison of Pak India Missile Technology

Indian media do comparison of Pakistan India Missile Technology

Pakistan army announced Victory in South Waziristan & Swat

Pakistan has army now formally announced that Pakistan army is Victories in operations against TTP terrorists in South Wazirstan and Swat. This announcement is made in front of Senate committee in General headquarters. Director General military operation Javed Iqbal also told the details of the operation in South Wazirstan & Swat against Terrorists.  it was told by Major General Javed Iqbal that more than 10000 army soldiers, officials and common people have lost their lives while more than 20000 where injured in terrorism that is connected with Tribal areas.  it was also told to committee that it is now duty of Pakistan government to take control of these areas and start different projects.

 it was also told that Pakistan's future is connected with the situation of Afghanistan because Afghanistan situation has always effected Pakistan specially NWFP so we need to keep our Nation interest in mind while making any police about Afghanistan.congratulations to Pakistan army and people on doing a successful operation against Indian backed TTP terrorists in Tribal areas.

Jewelry exports show growth of 111pc

KARACHI (Nida Siddiqui): Jewelry exports witnessed a smart growth of 111 percent during last seven months of the current fiscal, ARY NEWS reported here Wednesday.

Exporters said that 277 million dollars worth jewelry was exported to different countries during July 2009-Jan2010, which is much higher than the exports of the same period last year.

Similarly, 2600kgs of gold worth $846 million was imported during the same period to augment the demand-supply gap, showing a colossal growth of 550 percent.

“Demand of gold is seen rising in the international market, following the economies are being dragged out of the worst economic recession after World War II,” an exporter commented.

“People of different countries are now in a better financial position and they have started buying luxuries besides necessities,” he elaborated.

“Consistent fluctuation in international crude has forced investors to hedge their positions in commodities, consequently the commodity market looks busy these days,” said an analyst.

“People and fund managers are looking for safe investment avenues and they are buying gold, but cautiously,” he remarked.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 minutes of eye-opening (Namaz)

 ابو ھریرۃ رضي الله عنه سے روایت ہے " ایک شخص ساٹھ سال تک نماز پڑھتا ہے مگر اسکی ایک نماز بھی قبول نہیں ہوتی"  پوچھا گیا : وہ کیسے ؟؟ انہوں نے کہا : کیونکہ نہ وہ اپنا رکوع پورا کرتاہے اور نا سجود نا قیام پورا کرتا ہے نا اس کی نماز میں خشوع ہوتا ہے   حضرت عمر رضي الله عنه نے فرمایا : ایک شخص اسلام میں بوڑھا ہوگیا

Why Finance Minister Resigned?

Why Finance Minister Resigned?
Muhammad Ayyaz
I think one of the most possible reason must be that he is still facing lack of political support for his game plan to boost up Pakistan's economy. Because  he had a quite predictable approach.He knew that Government has non serious attitude towards the core issues of economy (electricity, gas, security issues and good governance etc). So he decide to take emergency landing. And what could he do else.? Do you think he should wait for facing storm of blenders that will cause by Govt attitude not his one. 15 days before I listened the words from Finance Minister from a famous news channel saying
"May mushkilo say drnay wala nehien or hum bohet jld IMF say jaan chura lay ge"
(i do not fear of problems, soon we will get rid of IMF loan)

than why just after 15 days he display some of his personal problems for resignation.
Think about it!


He suggested two names as alternative : Dr. Ejaz Nabi an economist at world bank and Shahid Kardar former Finance Minister Punjab to head the Planning Commission but the PM choose to planning commission to the to technocrats: Pasha & Hussain. It is a prove of the reason that I stated above. Finance Minister knew that Politicians wants a fellow politician even at Finance Ministry.

Still there should be a hope that such type of Parties & Politicians  help us to become an Asian super Power  when our three neighbor countries (IRAN, CHINA & INDIA) are struggling to discover themselves as a supper powers in near future.


{The author is Lahore based MBA student and he can be contacted at}

Innovatiion's Crazy

It's  Amazing indeed!!!   When you look at this picture close up, you see Albert Einstein, but if you stand about fifteen feet

About Zaid Hamid, plz read carefully.


General Hamid Gul and Mushaid Hussain on Afghanistan situation

General Hamid Gul and Mushaid Hussain on Afghanistan situation

Kayani: Pak army is ready to respond any Indian misadventure

Pakistan army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez kayani has said that Pakistan army is fully prepared to respond any misadventure by India. General Kiyani was giving briefing in G.H.Q to Senate standing committee yesterday.  He said that Pakistan army is ready for all the challenges and security of Pakistani borders. General Ashfaq Kiyani given importance to this point that long term future benefits of Pakistan cannot be sacrificed for short term benefits.

General Kiyani also said that India's Cold Star Doctrine will not be taken lightly and we are prepared for all the challenges. different members of Senate standing committee also asked different questions from General Kiyani. Khursheed Shah of Jamat Islami said that Pakistan need to review its foreign policy towards Afghanistan and Kashmir. some members also asked questions about present Afghanistan Conditions and about US Exit from Afghanistan to whom General Kayani replied.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



Buray Khayalat Ki Maafi


Buray Khayalat Ki Maafi


Top Leader of Jundullah in Iranian intelligence arrest

Below is the photo of top Leader of Jundullah Abdolmalek Rigi in Iranian intelligence arrest. Iran has said that Rigi was on US military base few hours before arrest. in the past as well such proofs where found that Jundullah is funded by CIA.

New Joint Dirty work of TTP and Indian Raw of killing Sikhs

Indian funded fake Taliban group TTP and Indian intelligence agency Raw has done new joint dirty work against Pakistan. two days ago TTP beheaded 2 sikhs in Wazirstan area of Pakistan after which Indian media launched massive propaganda against Pakistan and tried to show the world that Pakistan is not a safe place for Sikhs. Indian media also added a lie with the news that the relatives of Sikhs that are killed have demanded Indian citizenship. TTP is a indian funded terrorist group which has killed thousands of Pakistani,s and Pakistan has large no of proofs that TTP has connections with Indian raw. Just 3 days ago Indian explosive devices are caught from TTP terrorists.

Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee of Pakistan has done a press conference and condemned Indian false Propaganda. they said in press conference that India is giving wrong color to this news and Pakistan is not less than heaven for Sikhs we are safe here. but now lets talk how India treats the Sikhs. India is on no.2 in religious discrimination in world. i hope nobody have forgotten Indian army operation on Golden temple that is most important religious place of Sikhs. Golden temple was badly destroyed in that operation. thousands of Sikhs where killed by Indian army and Khalistan movement started in Indian Punjab for freedom from India. Indian government has still not done investigation of that operation due to which just 2 months ago a Sikh hit shoe to Indian interior minister during a live press conference. So Indians must watch towards themselves before doing false propaganda against Pakistan.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Indus Water Treaty-1960 in Doldrums--Wake Up Before its too late

WHILE the “power crisis” has caused the economic slowdown, India withheld millions of cubic feet of water upstream on the river Chenab by storing it in dozen of newly constructed dams so as to generate 8,696 MW hydro-electricity for the growing needs of its burgeoning population. This was a flagrant breach of Indus Water Basin Treaty of 1960, as the construction by India of Dulhasti, Dugar, Gondhala, Reoli/Dugli, Sach-Khas, Tandi, Teling Tinget, Sawalkot, Seli, Raoli and Kirthal hydropower projects has tremendously decreased the flow of Chenab river. India has commenced work on other two controversial dams on River Chenab named Uri-1 and Uri-2. Indian Prime Minister while inaugurating a 450-MW hydroelectric Baglihar Dam said:

“It is a matter of satisfaction that the reconstruction programme comprising 67 projects is well under way with 19 projects completed, one of which is Baglihar Dam that I inaugurated today”.

With such like projects to materialize on rivers flowing into Pakistan, the country will be increasingly confronted with impending water shortages. The talks on sharing of river waters between India and Pakistan suffered a severe blow due to Mumbai terror attacks of 26/11 that killed 166 people. Pakistan wants to resume unconditional dialogue process in resolving the bilateral problems, including the core Kashmir issue and also deal effectively with terrorism. Water issue is an ideal starting point for re-initiating “Composite dialogues” because the two countries face similar challenges so vital for their fast track agro-based economies.

Unfortunately, the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent is slipping into this new kind of war over the distribution of water as a resource. This is because the sources of all the five tributaries of the Indus - Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej remained in India. The dispute between India and Pakistan over water resources is rooted in history. Just after the partition of the subcontinent in 1948, Delhi stopped the flow of water from the canals on its side, denying water to some 8 per cent of the cultivated area. However, India agreed with Pakistan, which allowed for the continuation of water supplies for irrigation purposes until the Pakistani side managed to develop alternative water resources. As a result of World Banks constant efforts from 1952 to 1960, the Indus Water Treaty-1960 was signed, designed to regulate water use in the region. According to Indus Water Treaty of 1960, India has got the exclusive control over the waters of the Ravi, the Beas and the Sutlej, whereas Pakistan controls the waters of the Indus, the Jhelum and the Chenab. As the demand for water has increased by leaps and bounds, India is seeking maximum control over the sources of the supply of water of 3 western rivers, and thereby increasing the tension with Pakistan that share the claims over water.

The alarming situation again emerged in 1992, when India announced plans for the controversial water reservoir, the Baglihar Dam on the Chenab River - allotted to Pakistan by the 1960 treaty. The Chenab is fed with glacial melt-waters from the Himalayas and for centuries has provided crucial irrigational system for the region. While the accord gave India full rights to use water from the eastern rivers by building dams and barrages, it allowed limited irrigation use of water from the western river earmarked for Pakistan. The Treaty barred India from interfering “with the water of these rivers except for domestic use and non-consumptive use, limited agriculture use and limited utilization for generation of hydro-electric power.” The treaty also barred India from storing any water or constructing any storage works on the western rivers that would result in a reduced flow of water to Pakistan. According to Indus Water Treaty-1960, Pakistani position on the Chenab water issue has been that a minimum of 55,000 cusecs of water should flow into Pakistan at the Marala head-works near Sialkot in peak season; however, a flow of only 22,000 cusecs was recorded last year, adversely affecting the crops. However, during January 2010, the water flows in Chenab declined by 40 per cent to about 6,000 cusecs from a 10-year average of about 10,000 cusecs, mainly because of construction of hydropower projects upstream by India, reduction in rainfall and diversion of river waters. Most of the hydrologists are of the view that sharp water decline in flow of the river at Head-Marala in Pakistan is due to unauthorised direct water withdrawal by farmers in Jammu with the support of Indian authorities who had especially subsidized electricity for direct pumping in Jammu and Himachal Pradesh and diversion of Ravi-Tavi link canal. India used to irrigate 642,000 acres from western rivers by Ranbir and Pratap canals when the treaty became effective, but it had built five more canals over the past 10 years to increase the irrigated area. These include Kashmir canal system, high canal system in Jammu, Ravi-Tavi link irrigation system, Igo-phey canal in Leh and Kurbathang canal in Kargil. Pakistan has asked India to provide details of its agricultural acreage, crops and other projects to enable it to make plans in advance. Pakistan believes Baglihar dam on Chenab & Wullar barrage on Jhelum can be used as: (1) a geo-strategic weapon, (2) potential to disrupt the triple canal project of Pakistan, (3) badly affecting the Neelum-Jehlum hydro-power project, (4) setback to agriculture in Azad Kashmir and wheat production in Punjab, (5) drying of 5.6 million acres of lands of Punjab province, (6) depriving Pakistan of water up to 7000 cusecs per day, (7) neglecting the seismic activity in the area (Murree-Jhelum faulty lines).

In order to resolve the challenges judiciously, India must reconsider its decision of suspending the composite dialogue between India and Pakistan. India’s delaying tactics to restart the stalled bilateral negotiations on one pretext or the other are simply alienating the two nations further and are also not in the interest of India itself. Any major upstream alteration in a river system, should be negotiated, not imposed as in case of Indian water overtures on rivers Chenab and Jhelum. The Governments of India and Pakistan should look beyond national borders to basin-wide cooperation. A similar situation arose between India and Pakistan on the Salal Dam issue, but the matter was finally resolved through bilateral negotiations and conclusion of Salal Dam Treaty in 1978. As the Salal Dam issue was resolved through talks, given the will, the Baghliar Dam issue can also be settled. Pakistan had asked India to proportionately reduce their water use on its side when river water declined abnormally. Pakistan maintains that India, under the treaty, can store water but it cannot divert it to any other side. Thus, any diversion would violate the provisions of the IWT-1960. And once the issues related to water are discussed and settled, it can assist in easing tension between the two nuclear-armed neighbours. It is high time that both India & Pakistan should forego their vested interests for the overall prosperity of the region. The international community can play an instrumental role in coaxing India to resume dialogue process between India & Pakistan – so critical for the stability of the South Asia.

BY I A Khanzada

Source: The Pakistani Spectator

classic stuff...In Urdu~



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Kashmiri Women Protest against Indian army state Terrorism

Following Snapshot is of Kashmiri Women Protest against Indian army state Terrorism in Kashmir. in last 20 years 93721 Kashmiri people are killed while more than 10000 Kashmiri women are sexually harassed by Indian army.

Jandullah Top Leader Arrested by Iran

Iran has claimed to arrest the top Leader of Jandullah Abdolmalek Rigi in Eastern Iran today who was involve in several suicide bombing and attacks in Iran and Pakistan on Shia,s. Rigi was one of the Iran's most wanted Terrorist. There where several reports that this group Jandullah is funded by American intelligence agency CIA. Younger brother of Rigi was arrested in 2007 from Pakistan which was handed over to Iran who accepted during investigation to be funded by CIA.

Arrest of Rigi is a big blow for Jandullah and CIA because he was a big asset of CIA for spreading terrorism in Iran and Pakistan. Last month Deadly attack in Karachi on Ashura day was also carried out by Jandullah on Shia,s.

Monday, February 22, 2010

An SMS tale--What Actually We Need

When I started to blog about serious issues and politics, I made some resolutions to myself to draw a line between the DOs and DONTs. At that time, among many decisions, I decided not to get impressed by any SMS. I don’t know why I decided so, though sometimes SMS proved to be good source for new topics.

Today when I have been blogging, on such issues, for almost a year I think I should break this rule again. Yes I broke it once before but I do not even remember when I did that. Two or three days back when I was working or I should say summing up some undone business, I got an SMS from a cousin of mine. I was in some deep thoughts after reading it, and I was thinking about the answers which were asked in it. I think I should share it rather than waiting time any more:

Questions to be answered…

Mr. Gilani what would you do if Dr. Afia was your daughter?

Mr. Zardari what was your reaction if Asifa was captured instead Dr. Afia?

Mr. Keyani what was your line of action if Dr. Afia was your sister?

Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhri how do you react if Americans charged your daughter?

Same is the question to Mr. Nawaz Sharif, Mr. Shehbaz Sharif, Mr. Asfand Yar, Mr. Altaf Husain, Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Mr. Rehman Malik, Mr Shujaat Husain, and many more.

Is there any one among us, who dares to bring the sister of nation back?



I don’t know I am allowed to use the full name of sender.

When I was trying to get out of the deep and massive wave creating sea of thoughts, I raised a point to satisfy my self , “no one cares for any one until it actually happens to him”. That’s is the case among all we don’t care for things going wrong around us until they start to harm us. Nothing will happen unless we have a sincere leadership. But the question is how and form where this sincere leadership will come from, we are the source of leadership and we have to be sincere.

That’s the tale of one SMS now let me switch to the other, well this Monday morning I had no plan to get up as I was enjoying my day off in my way, but a whole stream of some text messages created so much noise and vibration that I had to open my eyes and check that who is so eager to send me so many messages. There was an sms which caught my attention this time... here is the message;

What is Pakistan?

One of the largest salt producers, but negligible exports.

4th largest milk producer but only 5% is processed and packaged.

World’s 4th largest cotton producer but over 45% production capacity stopped due to energy crises.

4th largest Mango producer but only 5% is exported

World’s 4th largest sugarcane grower, with lowest yield per hectare.

World’s 5th largest copper mine but no copper exports

World’s 6th largest coal reserves, but remain unexploited.

Because both main parties believe in seat reservation theory, not in availing the opportunity. So change both the parties for a brighter Pakistan.

I was impressed by the facts and figures given in the SMS, and when I cross checked them, latter, they were correct. I replied to my friend via an SMS saying, “one thing you forgot to mention this almost dead economy is still 16th largest economy of the world. There is great potential but we are still looking for the one who can properly use it”.

The reply I got was almost what I expected from a young man who is suffering from the ill things in the system and raising the slogan of change;

That’s what I tried to point out; the time has come that we should give a chance to someone else other than these two parties. These parties are based on the hereditary politics. There is no concept of such politics in Islam. These two parties are fighting with each other for more than two decades. And they clear the way for a dictator to outshine everything. We still expect good from them. We have to change this mind set, we have to come out of this status quo. Now we have more chances.

Before that I could say anything he further said;

These people who travel in helicopters and big cars, keeping the poor Dr. Afia in mind and take tea with Americans on the same table. These people keep their children and money out of country. And for such people it is really hard and almost impossible to think that what is the destination of Pakistan after ten years from now. How are we going to retain our existence and our culture? How they going to prepare the nation for a world economic war. My dear they can never know. We need a change and we must demand a change

I could not say anything in reply but once again I started to think that are we in right direction to be sincere with our homeland, raising slogans of change and pointing out the government and leadership is something which is outdated now. If we want a change there must be a sincere effort to change our self. If we believe in democracy – which means government for the people, of the people and by the people, than are the people sincere to the extent that they can select sincere leadership to rule and lead the nation on the road of success. I maintain that leaders are among us; unless we are not sincere we deserve to be ruled by such people. Whenever I think on this topic the only thing which becomes my ultimate source of answer is the verse of Holly Quran; which says that the kind of nation is the same kind of ruler it will have.

My opinion is still the same if you want a change and you want to see a sincere government that give a try to changing yourself as one of my favorite person says that there is no problem in and with Pakistan other than the bad habits of ours.

Required Network Administrator

  Requirement for a Network Aministrator in a multinational company in Karachi Pakistan. Please send your CV on   Regards   Zafar Alam Khan

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Israeli President Targets Pakistani Nuclear Weapons

Israeli President Shimon Peres has said that world will have to think about the Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan because Pakistan is not a safe country and its Future is uncertain. Isareli President said that the wish of Arab Countries to become Nuclear powers is very dangerous and Muslim world having Nuclear weapons is a series thing. He said that one Atomb Bomb is equal to whole Army.

the above statement of Israeli President proves again that Israel can,t accept any Muslim country having Nuclear weapons because it well knows that Israel's wish of making Greater Israel can never come true until any Muslim Country has Nuclear weapons. This is the reason Israel is dying to end Irans Nuclear program. while Pakistan's is already a Nuclear power so counter the threat of Pakistan Israel is fully supporting Pakistan's biggest enemy India because enemy of enemy is friend. Israel is providing latest weapons, Radars, Jet fighters and every Military cooperation to India. Israeli army chief keep on visiting occupied Kashmir. Very few people know that Israeli and India also launched a attack together on Pakistan's nuclear weapons when Zia ul Haq was president of Pakistan but Pakistan got the news of this attack few hours before the attack and threatened to attack Israeli and Indian nuclear arms due to which Israel and India changed the plan. in the past Many Arab Muslim countries tried to become Nuclear powers but Israeli made their efforts unsuccessful by killing their scientists and attacking their nuclear plants.

Zaid Hamid Brasstacks about Khilafat Rashda New Episode 15

Zaid Hamid Brasstacks about Khilafat Rashda New Episode 15

Up in the Air

Up in the air is so much more than just a film. It is a reflection of the modern day society we live in. It is a realization of how inhumane and cold we’ve become under the pretext of being progressive, practical and professional. The film aptly uses irony to bring to our notice where the rat race and herd mentality can lead us to. Up in the Air is a film that defines the kind of people we’ve become today... how numb we have become towards our surroundings and thus the people surrounding us! It questions our philosophies and relationships in life in the wake of the current economic crunch.

Up in the Air is by far the most relevant film ever made on ‘life’ as we see it today.

Filmmaker Jason Reitman gives you a dose of reality by making you analyse your life through the eyes of Ryan Bingham (Clooney), a man on the move who believes in travelling light. Ryan is a man whom companies hire to fire their people because their bosses have no courage to do it. Ryan fires other people for a living but believes he does it with dignity. When Ryan is not depriving people of their jobs, he becomes a guest speaker and gives motivational speeches on ‘empty backpack’ to corporates.

Reitman impressively uses Ryan’s ‘empty backpack’ as a metaphor which deciphers Ryan’s real life, isolated from people and any kind of attachment to anything. Ryan although has no complaints. He enjoys his high-flying lifestyle until he gets confronted by two women... his fellow flier Alex (Vera Farmiga) and youngster Anna Kendrick. Anna suggests firing people online in order to cut travelling costs of employees like Ryan while Alex’s opinion of Ryan makes him question his philosophy on love and commitment...

Based on the 2001 Walter Kirn novel of the same name, Up in the Air is a poignant tale on people, their beliefs and the choices they make. What makes this film stand out is its superb execution. The filmmaker uses comedy to bring out the most harsh tragedy of life (read, Anna’s beau dumps her through a text message which she finds horrible, but doesn’t realize how bad firing people online could be!).

Unlike most romcoms, the film does not show Ryan as someone forced to live an isolated life. He is not a victim of dire circumstances or traumatised past. He is what he is and he does it by choice and in fact enjoys his lonely life until he falls in love...

Having showcased downsizing in the most satirical way possible, Up in the Air, with its witty one-liners, belongs to a league of its own. The screenplay has the punch and potential to move you and provoke you to self analyze your life without being apologetic in its approach.

It won’t be surprising if George Clooney bags the Oscar for this one. He plays the charming, philandering and detached Ryan with equal ease as he does the man who questions his beliefs in the latter half of the film. He is restrained and lets his eyes speak a thousand words in most of the crucial scenes, making your heart reach out to him. Even at 40 Clooney remains gorgeous. His smirk, flirtatious eyes and sexy baritone leaves the ladies begging for more.

Up in the Air is a must watch... real life, real people, real circumstances weren’t captured better on reel screen before.

Cast: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick
Director: Jason Reitman
Genre: Drama/ Comedy

Toh Baat Pakki

Story: Meddlesome Rajeshwari wants to find a groom for her sister, Nisha. She chooses the engineering college student, Rahul and brings him in as her tenant, but soon changes her decision when she meets junior manager, Yuvraj, who happens to have a car and a company house. Will true love win?

Movie Review: Tabu returns after a long gap. That should be reason enough to watch Toh Baat Pakki. For she's a fine actor who has proved her mettle, time and again. This time, she opts for a light-hearted comic role in a film that's cast in the mould of the middle-of-the-road comedies that made the eighties' cinema so winsome and breezy.

Pitched somewhere between realism and drama, the film somewhat recreates that genteel era when cinema talked about flesh and blood people who didn't scream, holler and howl revenge. More importantly, their concerns were commonplace, like finding a suitable boy/girl and stealing a few romantic moments behind the back of meddlesome mums, didis and dadis. Remember Khoobsoorat, Golmal, Baton Baton Mein and the likes.

Well, Toh Baat Pakki may not be as riveting as the 80s entertainers, yet it rides high on sheer nostalgia. Also, it presents a different kind of cinema in an age that lays great emphasis on high decibel, larger-than-life drama.

Tabu's talkative, inquisitive, control freak Rajeshwari who is hell bent on finding the right match for her sister, is eminently watchable. Living in a small town, she seems to have almost perfected the art of the small town conversation, being totally involved in the going-ons in the life of her neighbours and fellow townsmen. On hearing about her neighbour's singleton tenant -- engineering college student, Sharman Joshi -- she immediately lures him to her house and tries to entrap him as a groom for her younger sibling, Yuvika Chaudhary.

It doesn't take a lot of effort on her part because the youngsters immediately fall in love. But the love story is short-lived since didi finds another dashing groom, Vatsal Seth, who happens to be Goddess Lakshmi's choice too. Time to throw out the old tenant and bring in the new....

For those who like their films to move at frenetic pace, Toh Baat Pakki may seem a bit laidback. But once you sit back and settle down for some gentle laughs, the film offers you an engaging drama with a tall act by tall and lissome Tabu. Sharman, carries on unspooling his careless charm after his charismatic act in 3 Idiots. A pleasant watch.

Cast: Tabu, Sharman Joshi, Yuvika Chaudhary, Vatsal Seth

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Love Pakistan

Indian explosive devices caught in South Wazirstan

Dawn news has reported this news that Pakistan army has said that they have caught Indian made explosive devices IEDs from TTP base while operation in South Wazirstan. These explosive devices IEDs are made in Gujrat India while Pakistani officials has said that they will raise this issue with India. this is not first time when Indian involvement in South Wazirstan and Balochistan is found but in the past as well several times Indian weapons and Money is caught from TTP terrorists.

While investigation TTP commanders also claimed that Indian raw funded them and provided them plans how and where to attack in Pakistan through Afghanistan border. India is heavily investing in Afghanistan and bringing its people to Afghanistan to destabilize Pakistan through Afghan border but Indian assets In Swat and Wazirastan are hit hard by Pakistan army and US under whom,s umbrella India is sitting in Afghanistan is not for a long time in Afghanistan now.

Voice of America on Geo news spreading American Propaganda

it is a well known fact in Pakistan now that some of the Main stream Media specially Geo TV is spreading lot of disinformation and tries to show maximum such news which makes people depressed. when a bomb blasts tooks place they show it like a war is started, Dead bodies, people crying are openly showed. Hamid Mir's that Video is also available on Youtube in which he claimed few months ago that Peshawar is about to fall in hands of TTP and most of NWFP is no more part of Pakistan but time proved that he was lying. After Mumbai attacks as well Geo news worked against National interest. Programs Like Ghamdi are doing nothing but creating wrong concepts in minds of youth about Islam. i don,t mean that all the media is corrupt but few elements in the media are doing this.

Another program Voice of America pays Geo TV for showing their program. in this program Americans tries to spread their dirty propaganda about Iran, Afghan Taliban and tries to improve their image. we can say that Geo TV become CNN or BBC in those 30 minutes in which Voice of America comes because according to them American occupation on Afghanistan and Iraq is justified and those who are trying for freedom of their lands are terrorists. Irani Nuclear program is wrong Obama polices are right. but the good thing is that still there are many elements in Pakistani media that keeps National interest above money.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gen. (R) Hameed Gul Interview about present Afgan Pak situation

Gen. (R) Hameed Gul New Interview about present Afganistan and Pakistan situation with Al Jazeera TV.


Large no of Kashmiri People in funeral of Martyr Mujahid

Following is the Photo of Sajjad Ahmed Lon's Funeral a Mujahid Commander of Lashkar Taiba that was martyr in fight with Indian army in Baramulla city of occupied Kashmir.a Lieutenant Karnal  of Indian army was also killed yesterday. People also raised slogans against Indian army state terrorism and in support of Pakistan before Funeral.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hikayet-e-Saadi (R.A)

Hikayat-e-Saadi (R.A)

Kahe par Amal


US Divide and Rule Policy about Muslims

Muslims enemies know that they can never defeat Muslims until Muslims are together so they always tries hard to divide Muslims to weak them and then defeat them. i thought of writing about this topic after reading a recent statement of American secretary of state Hillary Clinton on Saudi Arabia tour she said in a conference a Nuclear Iran will be a big threat for Arabs and Saudi Arabia as well. By saying this America is trying to create dispute within Muslims on Shia Sunni Basis to get its own benefit.

if we see in the past America is doing it continuously. In 80,s they created Sadam Hussain to use him against Iran. Iraq Iran War continued for 10 years in which America was backing Iraq. now after 20 years Americans declared the same Sadam terrorist whom they build up and this time they used Shia,s against Sunni,s of Iraq to take control of the country. Shia,s and Sunni,s where living from 350 years together in Iraq no dispute took between them but after American invasion in Iraq we everyday listen news of Shia killing Sunni and Sunni killing Shia in Iraq. The same thing Americans are doing In Pakistan to create dispute between Pakistan and Iran by funding a group Jandullah in Pakistan that kills Shia,s of Iran in name of Islam. Muslims need to wake up don,t get used in hand of enemies.

Indian Charges about Mumbai attacks are Baseless: Hafiz Saeed

Jamat ud Dawa Chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed has said that Indian Charges about Mumbai attacks on me that i am mastermind of this attack and my Jamat is involved in this attack are absolute Baseless. Hafiz Saeed was giving an Interview to Al Jazeera Tv. Hafiz Saeed said that India always do Fake Propaganda and makes false report against me and my Jamat and this is how India is able to build some International pressure against us.

it is said by Indians that Jamat ud Dawa is the part of Kashmiri Freedom Fighter group Lashkar Taiba which was blamed for Mumbai attacks in which 160 people where killed in November 2008. After Mumbai attacks United Nations declared Hafiz Saeed and his organization Jamat ud Dawa terrorist. Hafiz Saeed was house arrested and Jamat ud dawa assets where sealed in Pakistan after Ban by UN. Then Hafiz Saeed went to Lahore High court and won his case that He and his organization Jamat ud dawa has nothing to do with Mumbai attacks or terrorism. it is the same Jamat ud dawa which got award from United nations for doing most effective work in Earthquake of 2005 in Azad Kashmir. This organization is also running hundreds of English Schools, Free Hospitals, dispensaries, Ambulance service etc. India is still continuously blaming Hafiz Saeed to be mastermind of Mumbai attacks while Hafiz Saeed has said that Indian Charges or baseless.

Over 25 killed in Khyber bomb blast

Two intelligence officials also confirmed the bomb blast and casualties. — File photo

PESHAWAR: A bomb attack near a mosque and a base used by militants in Pakistan's Khyber tribal region killed over 25 people on Thursday, DawnNews quoted security officials as saying.
A militant commander was among those killed in the attack in Upper Tirah in Khyber, the infamous mountain district that straddles a major supply line for Nato troops in Afghanistan and is a hotbed of Taliban-linked militants.

“A bomb blast took place outside Dars mosque in Upper Tirah area. We have reports that five people, including a militant commander, were killed in the blast,” Rahat Khan, a local administrative official earlier told AFP by telephone.

Two intelligence officials also confirmed the bomb blast and casualties, saying the target was a base of Lashkar-i-Islam, a home-grown militant group that has been the target of Pakistani military operations in Khyber.

Pakistan arrests two Taliban shadow governors

In this photo taken Monday, Oct.19, 2009, Taliban militants stand beside the burnt trucks, background left, on main Ghazni- Kandahar highway in Ghazni, west of Kabul. — AP

KUNDUZ: Pakistan has captured two “shadow governors” belonging to Afghanistan's Taliban movement, an Afghan official said on Thursday.
The timing of the reported arrests coincides with the capture of Taliban's second-in-command Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Karachi by Pakistani and US agents this month.

The arrests of Mullah Abdul Salam and Mullah Mir Mohammad, respectively the shadow governors of the northern Afghan provinces of Kunduz and Baghlan, happened in Pakistan's Balochistan province, the Afghan governor for Kunduz said.

“My information about their capture, which occurred nearly a week ago, is based on national intelligence sources,” Mohammad Omar told Reuters.

Pakistan has yet to comment about the report on the arrest of the two men, who both reported to Baradar.

Since their ouster from power by US-backed Afghan forces in 2001, the Taliban have appointed shadow governors whose primary responsibility is organising Taliban military activities.

The reported detentions come after mounting criticism by some US officials who say Islamabad is not tackling Afghan Taliban based on it soil, using it as a base for carrying out attacks on Afghan and foreign troops across the border.

Washington has hailed Pakistan for the capture of Baradar, the senior most Taliban leader to be held since the movement's ouster from power in Afghanistan more than eight years ago.

Baradar's capture coincides with the launch of a huge offensive by Nato and Afghan forces to flush the Taliban out of their biggest bastion in Helmand province, while the Afghan government is reaching out to them for possible reconciliation.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Indian Police Beats Dalit women

following is a video of Indian Police beating a Dalit women. this is how people of below cast treated in India.


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Asian markets continue climbing

SINGAPORE: Asian stocks gained Wednesday on renewed investor confidence in the U.S. economy while concerns about Greece's debt crisis eased.

All major Asian equity markets rose, bolstered by a 1.7 percent jump in the Dow Jones industrial average Tuesday. Markets in China and Taiwan were closed for the Lunar New Year holiday.

Investors were cheered by signs the U.S. economy may be improving. On Tuesday. Kraft Foods Inc. and apparel retailer Abercrombie & Fitch reported earnings that beat expectations, while drugmaker Merck & Co. said profits jumped. UK banking giant Barclays also reported soaring profits.

Traders will be eyeing reports on housing starts, jobless claims and inflation later this week for more evidence the U.S. economy is rebounding strongly from last year's recession.

Markets also got a boost from news European officials are working with Greece to control its debt crisis. European Union leaders on Tuesday gave Greece one month to prove it can cut its fiscal deficit.

Concerns about rising debt burdens in Greece, Portugal and Spain have undermined investor confidence during the last few weeks.

Japan's Nikkei 225 stock average was up 263.52 points, or 2.6 percent, at 10,297.77 and Hong Kong's Hang Seng index rose 359.03, or 1.8 percent, to 20,627.72.

South Korea's Kospi gained 24.95, or 1.4 percent, to 1,626.00 while Singapore added 1.1 percent and India 1.4 percent. Australia's benchmark advanced 2.1 percent.

In the U.S. on Tuesday, the Dow rose 169.67, or 1.7 percent, to 10,268.81. The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 19.36, or 1.8 percent, to 1,094.87, while the Nasdaq composite index rose 30.66, or 1.4 percent, to 2,214.19.

Oil prices extended gains above $77 a barrel in Asia amid expectations a growing U.S. economy will fuel increased crude demand.

Benchmark crude for March delivery was up 34 cents at $77.35 in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract rose $2.88 to settle at $77.01 on Tuesday.

In currencies, the dollar rose to 90.28 yen from 90.14 yen. The euro rose to $1.3774 from $1.3764.

Killers of Hamas Commander in Dubai Hotel

Its the Photo of two People who killed a Hamas Commander in a hotel of Dubai. in the above Photos they are going out of Hotel after killing the Hamas Commander. The Video of These people was made with Hotel Camera's. These people where successfully able to run from Dubai after killing the commander of Hamas. according to different sources these men are of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. Dubai officials have said that we will take action whoever will be found involved in this killing.

50% Indian Weapons are obsolete

According to report of an Indian organization KPMG 50% of Indian army Weapons are obsolete. Just a month ago Indian army admitted that they have only 50% Weapons of Capability they actually required. India Defence Ministry said that India must have 30% state of the art weapons while 15% obsolete but the reality is that only 15% weapons of Indian army are state of the art while 50% are obsolete.

KPMG organization also said in its report that India need a massive change in it Weapons and Present conditions of Indian weapons is not good. Just a week ago from coming of this report China said that India Missile Technology is a decade behind from us and we don,t consider India our strategic opponent. one month ago Indian army Chief admitted that Indian tanks have only 20% Capability of fighting in night while Pakistan Tanks have 80% and Chinese Tanks have 100% Capability of fighting in night.

Pak-Iran gas pipeline accord delayed

ISLAMABAD: The operational agreement on the construction of a natural gas pipeline from the South Pars field of Iran has been delayed for another month.

Both sides had planned to sign off the agreement before Feb 15 but now due to some formalities and technical aspects, it has been delayed, a local English newspaper reports Tuesday, adding Iran wants to ship some of the gas from the offshore South Pars complex.

Another reason for the delay was that Pakistani government had been unable to allocate proper financing for this project and the US was not willing to give financial assistance in this regard, it was reported.

Initially proposed as an offshore pipeline through Pakistan's exclusive economic zone, the current plan under discussion is an overland route from the South Pars fields in southern Iran.

In the first phase, the pipeline would supply 60 million cubic meter of gas per day to Pakistan.

Onion export marks big growth in season

KARACHI (Nida Siddiqui): The country’s onion export has witnessed a colossal growth in the current season as it reached a new record of 110,000 metric tons, exporters said.

Onion exporters told ARY News that the buyers of Far East and Gulf countries had approached the local market for onion buying as they know the good quality of Pakistani crop.

“Bumper crop of onion this season has pushed exporters to book big orders,” said a grower.

“Around 110,000 metric tons stock of onions worth $25 million have been dispatched so far,” said a Karachi-based exporter. “The healthy crop has also pushed us to fetch some other big orders as well.”

“Nearly 20,000 metric tons onion costing around $4.5 million would be shipped by the end of the current season,” he mentioned.

The country produces around 1.6 million tons of onion every year of which some 1 or 1.25 million ton is exported.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

zardari & co. - enjoy

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Israeli Fake Jihadi Video Exposed

Its often find how Israeli American and Indian Intelligence agencies spread fake propaganda against Pakistan and Muslims. They use Biased Media and Internet for this purpose. This Time Israeli Fake Drama is exposed once again. Few days ago a Video was spread all over Internet in which it was showed Hamas members doing Training and raising slogans against Israel. below there is a snapshot from that Video in which you can clearly see the sign of Star of David on a man's breast that is a Zionist jew sign and whom,s locket usually Israeli,s wear. it is making clear that this video is fake and made by Israeli,s. it is another poof how Israeli's and Americans make fake Jihadi and Al Qaeda Video to spread false information against Muslims. a month ago i also shared a video with you in which it was proved that Al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn is actually Adam Pearl a zionist jew.

Pakistan army Wallpapers Photos

Pakistan army Wallpapers Photos