Monday, February 22, 2010

An SMS tale--What Actually We Need

When I started to blog about serious issues and politics, I made some resolutions to myself to draw a line between the DOs and DONTs. At that time, among many decisions, I decided not to get impressed by any SMS. I don’t know why I decided so, though sometimes SMS proved to be good source for new topics.

Today when I have been blogging, on such issues, for almost a year I think I should break this rule again. Yes I broke it once before but I do not even remember when I did that. Two or three days back when I was working or I should say summing up some undone business, I got an SMS from a cousin of mine. I was in some deep thoughts after reading it, and I was thinking about the answers which were asked in it. I think I should share it rather than waiting time any more:

Questions to be answered…

Mr. Gilani what would you do if Dr. Afia was your daughter?

Mr. Zardari what was your reaction if Asifa was captured instead Dr. Afia?

Mr. Keyani what was your line of action if Dr. Afia was your sister?

Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhri how do you react if Americans charged your daughter?

Same is the question to Mr. Nawaz Sharif, Mr. Shehbaz Sharif, Mr. Asfand Yar, Mr. Altaf Husain, Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Mr. Rehman Malik, Mr Shujaat Husain, and many more.

Is there any one among us, who dares to bring the sister of nation back?



I don’t know I am allowed to use the full name of sender.

When I was trying to get out of the deep and massive wave creating sea of thoughts, I raised a point to satisfy my self , “no one cares for any one until it actually happens to him”. That’s is the case among all we don’t care for things going wrong around us until they start to harm us. Nothing will happen unless we have a sincere leadership. But the question is how and form where this sincere leadership will come from, we are the source of leadership and we have to be sincere.

That’s the tale of one SMS now let me switch to the other, well this Monday morning I had no plan to get up as I was enjoying my day off in my way, but a whole stream of some text messages created so much noise and vibration that I had to open my eyes and check that who is so eager to send me so many messages. There was an sms which caught my attention this time... here is the message;

What is Pakistan?

One of the largest salt producers, but negligible exports.

4th largest milk producer but only 5% is processed and packaged.

World’s 4th largest cotton producer but over 45% production capacity stopped due to energy crises.

4th largest Mango producer but only 5% is exported

World’s 4th largest sugarcane grower, with lowest yield per hectare.

World’s 5th largest copper mine but no copper exports

World’s 6th largest coal reserves, but remain unexploited.

Because both main parties believe in seat reservation theory, not in availing the opportunity. So change both the parties for a brighter Pakistan.

I was impressed by the facts and figures given in the SMS, and when I cross checked them, latter, they were correct. I replied to my friend via an SMS saying, “one thing you forgot to mention this almost dead economy is still 16th largest economy of the world. There is great potential but we are still looking for the one who can properly use it”.

The reply I got was almost what I expected from a young man who is suffering from the ill things in the system and raising the slogan of change;

That’s what I tried to point out; the time has come that we should give a chance to someone else other than these two parties. These parties are based on the hereditary politics. There is no concept of such politics in Islam. These two parties are fighting with each other for more than two decades. And they clear the way for a dictator to outshine everything. We still expect good from them. We have to change this mind set, we have to come out of this status quo. Now we have more chances.

Before that I could say anything he further said;

These people who travel in helicopters and big cars, keeping the poor Dr. Afia in mind and take tea with Americans on the same table. These people keep their children and money out of country. And for such people it is really hard and almost impossible to think that what is the destination of Pakistan after ten years from now. How are we going to retain our existence and our culture? How they going to prepare the nation for a world economic war. My dear they can never know. We need a change and we must demand a change

I could not say anything in reply but once again I started to think that are we in right direction to be sincere with our homeland, raising slogans of change and pointing out the government and leadership is something which is outdated now. If we want a change there must be a sincere effort to change our self. If we believe in democracy – which means government for the people, of the people and by the people, than are the people sincere to the extent that they can select sincere leadership to rule and lead the nation on the road of success. I maintain that leaders are among us; unless we are not sincere we deserve to be ruled by such people. Whenever I think on this topic the only thing which becomes my ultimate source of answer is the verse of Holly Quran; which says that the kind of nation is the same kind of ruler it will have.

My opinion is still the same if you want a change and you want to see a sincere government that give a try to changing yourself as one of my favorite person says that there is no problem in and with Pakistan other than the bad habits of ours.

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