Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Onion export marks big growth in season

KARACHI (Nida Siddiqui): The country’s onion export has witnessed a colossal growth in the current season as it reached a new record of 110,000 metric tons, exporters said.

Onion exporters told ARY News that the buyers of Far East and Gulf countries had approached the local market for onion buying as they know the good quality of Pakistani crop.

“Bumper crop of onion this season has pushed exporters to book big orders,” said a grower.

“Around 110,000 metric tons stock of onions worth $25 million have been dispatched so far,” said a Karachi-based exporter. “The healthy crop has also pushed us to fetch some other big orders as well.”

“Nearly 20,000 metric tons onion costing around $4.5 million would be shipped by the end of the current season,” he mentioned.

The country produces around 1.6 million tons of onion every year of which some 1 or 1.25 million ton is exported.

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