Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pak-Iran gas pipeline accord delayed

ISLAMABAD: The operational agreement on the construction of a natural gas pipeline from the South Pars field of Iran has been delayed for another month.

Both sides had planned to sign off the agreement before Feb 15 but now due to some formalities and technical aspects, it has been delayed, a local English newspaper reports Tuesday, adding Iran wants to ship some of the gas from the offshore South Pars complex.

Another reason for the delay was that Pakistani government had been unable to allocate proper financing for this project and the US was not willing to give financial assistance in this regard, it was reported.

Initially proposed as an offshore pipeline through Pakistan's exclusive economic zone, the current plan under discussion is an overland route from the South Pars fields in southern Iran.

In the first phase, the pipeline would supply 60 million cubic meter of gas per day to Pakistan.

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