Wednesday, February 17, 2010

50% Indian Weapons are obsolete

According to report of an Indian organization KPMG 50% of Indian army Weapons are obsolete. Just a month ago Indian army admitted that they have only 50% Weapons of Capability they actually required. India Defence Ministry said that India must have 30% state of the art weapons while 15% obsolete but the reality is that only 15% weapons of Indian army are state of the art while 50% are obsolete.

KPMG organization also said in its report that India need a massive change in it Weapons and Present conditions of Indian weapons is not good. Just a week ago from coming of this report China said that India Missile Technology is a decade behind from us and we don,t consider India our strategic opponent. one month ago Indian army Chief admitted that Indian tanks have only 20% Capability of fighting in night while Pakistan Tanks have 80% and Chinese Tanks have 100% Capability of fighting in night.

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