Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Finance Minister Resigned?

Why Finance Minister Resigned?
Muhammad Ayyaz
I think one of the most possible reason must be that he is still facing lack of political support for his game plan to boost up Pakistan's economy. Because  he had a quite predictable approach.He knew that Government has non serious attitude towards the core issues of economy (electricity, gas, security issues and good governance etc). So he decide to take emergency landing. And what could he do else.? Do you think he should wait for facing storm of blenders that will cause by Govt attitude not his one. 15 days before I listened the words from Finance Minister from a famous news channel saying
"May mushkilo say drnay wala nehien or hum bohet jld IMF say jaan chura lay ge"
(i do not fear of problems, soon we will get rid of IMF loan)

than why just after 15 days he display some of his personal problems for resignation.
Think about it!


He suggested two names as alternative : Dr. Ejaz Nabi an economist at world bank and Shahid Kardar former Finance Minister Punjab to head the Planning Commission but the PM choose to planning commission to the to technocrats: Pasha & Hussain. It is a prove of the reason that I stated above. Finance Minister knew that Politicians wants a fellow politician even at Finance Ministry.

Still there should be a hope that such type of Parties & Politicians  help us to become an Asian super Power  when our three neighbor countries (IRAN, CHINA & INDIA) are struggling to discover themselves as a supper powers in near future.


{The author is Lahore based MBA student and he can be contacted at}

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