Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Search of Snow, finally the search was over...

The decision was made to reach the top of the mountain with the help of chairlift, while collecting our tickets me and bilal were on a mission, Bilal has almost switched on his network. I know we were trying to do something not so good but still we were in the limits of manners.

All four of us get into two lifts to reach the top, Bilal was with me because he could not afford to take a risk by letting me to play an innings on my desired wicket. It was really nice reaching on the top and the reason was my success as the thing for which I traveled so much was now under my feet close—really close to me. It was really near to my eyesight, I know it does not have any smell but I was feeling the pleasant aroma of snow.

The mountains in near by were having a sun bath as they were wrapped in a blanket of snow and few were wrapped in muffler of snow. I think I never felt as good as I was feeling at that time, the light sunshine was really making it great, and the snow which was melting due to sunshine was creating a bit coldish scenario, and it was adding the double color to the experience.

We caught this memorable experience in the film of photo camera. At least I was enjoying and celebrating my victory by throwing the snow balls on others but I don’t know why they were doing so. I felt as I have become a kid again, I wanted to run in snow for no reason, hit others with snow balls, and really wanted to lay on this snow and have some twist and turns. For such condition of mine if any one calls me “thurra hua” (greedy) than it won’t be wrong, as I was really a thurra hua at that time.

Every thing has to end regardless the fact its good or bad same happened to the experience. The round was photography was on now and we were in front of PTDC resort, the sight and sceneries around the resort were startling.

Till that time we were motivated and eager to go to Mengora—at least I wanted to see the museum of that place, but when the driver told us that it will charge extra or I should say more and more bucks, we all backed off. The sky was covered with think dark clouds when we were on the way back to Behrain.

I decided to enjoy the whole journey by hanging with the jeep, the weather was awesome, the route was amazing, and the sceneries were breath taking, all of them were like a dream for me, those lush green mountain and some of them were under the cover of snow, the sky was full of clouds and how can I forget Swaat river, the same river which was irritating me like any thing a two days back, was looking so beautiful that day. Now, the time I am writing this, I am much more caught in the charm of those sceneries than the time I was actually enjoying them. May be the reason behind this is the poem Daffodils of William Words Worth, the summery of which I was unable to under stand when I was in class 9th, and I asked Mr. Atique (an English Professor, who used to live near my house) to read the whole poem and make me understand it.

The poem left its effects on me, with my attempts to learn its summery, and I think the same effect was showing its colors that day. While I was hanging with the jeep I was praying that it should not rain, and if it rains than it should not be a hurdle in our way to back Lahore.

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