Thursday, April 29, 2010

Picture of the Day: Petrol Wandi Da

The thing caught my attention while i was going to a bakery, was the great numbers of Bikes Gathered on a Petrol filling station, here are the few pictures i could manage to click.
Well this gathering does not mean that the filling station was giving the fuel away for free or on special discount. The reason behind this mess is the fact that month is going to end and there is expectation of Increase in oil prices.
See how smart we people are, we foresee the things before they actually happen but still we let them happen we are most patient people on this planet who do not even rise voice against the wrong around. I know that oil prices are increasing all over the glob but i want to know that when globally prices were less how much advantage being a common man i had. 
We have to pay more then 73 Rupees to get one litter Petrol where as the NATO forces are getting it in Ruppees 46. and they are getting it here in Pakistan, Kya yeh Khula Tizad Nahi ( isnt it contradictory)

Pakistan Cricket Team T20 World cup 2010 Song

Pakistan Cricket Team T20 World cup 2010 Song

Indian Female Diplomat arrested for spying for Pakistani ISI

According to Indian Media an Senior Indian Female Diplomat Madhuri Gupta has been arrested in New Delhi for Spying for Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI. Madhuri Gupta was working in Indian Embassy in Islamabad from Last three years while she was spying for ISI from last two years but no Indian intelligence agency was able to know it.

According to Indian Media Report  Madhuri Gupta was doing it because she was not happy with her Seniors for not giving her Promotion while she was also in Love with a Pakistani who was giving her  huge Money. Madhuri Gupta was arrested from her House in New Delhi and After investigation of two days she accepted that she was spying for ISI. After the arrest of Madhuri many other Indian Diplomats have also came under the Scanner.

Har Haal main pernay ki Dua


Get Smarter Access Control With FaceXs

Every optical scanner is a camera, this is the fact which I never realized before visiting Solo Smart inc. this past Friday I was lucky enough to see one of the greatest achievement and innovation by Pakistan. I am talking about FaceXs (Facial Recognition Device) a device which can handle almost every issue regarding access control.
Security is a big issue today even at schools kids have to go through scanning this the best example I could give, but security is one new thing as a few years back security was not as big issue as it is now however there is one thing which is there for a long time and that is ghost attendance at workplaces specially when it is a government institution. Many things came into the scene, RFID system, biometric scanners and many other things.
The card scanning system Also known as RFID system is something which is very famous snapping card to get access to the controlled areas just like what we have seen in old 007 movies. Are we still sure that there is no ghost attendance in practice when RFID is doing its job. Sure one can show more than one cards to mark the attendance, and there are some issues too card got stolen, one forget to carry it, and it got scratched even.
To me RFID is not a cost effective idea, generating so many cards and keep issuing them after the occurrence of any of the above issues. Every year companies have to spend big bucks every time they issue new cards. The one thing I like about FaceXs is it is one time investment no need to issue new cards and the best thing “one can forget to carry his card but no one fill forget to bring his face with him”.
Now come to the technology of finger prints and thumb impressions, not a bad Idea but still one have to touch the machine. Imagine that the finger is soak with cream, ghee, sweat, or any other thing and the scanning panel. I do not think that I have to say any other thing as if you have good imagination you can get idea what the scanning surface has to go through.
Just show your face to the optical scanner and you are in; no need to carry card and cleaning the surface after the finger touched it. Start counting the advantages:
  • FaceXs can be integrated with any electrical door
  • the price is only 125000 Rupees which is far more economical than any other product produced here in Pakistan or Imported one
  • extremely easy to use
  • it only required 12 volts of power so it can easily work on UPS,
  • it will scan your face no matter if it is wet with sweat or water,
  • FaceXs have no issue in scanning your face even if you have applied some cream or any thing like that on your face
  • it is completely fine if you have started to keep mustaches, or you havnt shaven for many days
  • it is portable and do not occupy huge space
  • it makes the 3d image of the face so it will only scan your face ( I tested it on Picture)

While talking to man behind the product, Farhan Masood I got to know some interesting facts. He said that they tested FaceXs on identical twins and out of ten pairs it identified eight of them correct and for remaining two they have issued cards, FaceXs also have RFID panel to coup with such situations and it can help in managing the records of visitors and allowing them to enter only after snapping the cards where as regular employees have to “face” it. It has internal record keeping/ backup system so if it is disconnected from the main network it stores data in the internal memory and we can get that data from the USB port which is under the device. Farhan Bhai also said that they offer installation as well as one day training and solo smart is available for the backup support when ever it is required.
Farhan Bhai says that it is a device which cannot be fooled, it is a revolution in the technology field of Pakistan. To me it is one of the greatest innovations ever took place in Pakistan and it's a must to have device at a workplace where at least 25 people visit every day. The features and advantages it offers are far more then the cost one have to pay, and lets face it FaceXs is one time cost that will serve you for long time and give you surety that the workplace is safe from ghost attendance, there is something called access controlled and one more thing you can avoid unwanted guests. ;)�

sanya mirza Valima pic

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


DELL Pakistan held an event at LUMS last Friday, all thanks goes to Tariq bhai whose wall post was the source of information about the event and I decided to be there as it was my day-off. When I reached the NIB hall Ayesha Alam was wrapping up her session I could only catch her advice to turn of google geo-location but this advice was not for me being a boy.
This event added a lot of things into my information e.g. Core I was launched in March and it is said to be the world's smallest chip. Nubla Iftikhar, Marketing Manager of DELL Pakistan was surprised to know that no one in the hall had seen the advertisement of worlds smallest chip. Mr. Google (that's what Miss Nubla said) Bader Khushnood was also there and he described his views on DELL Pakistan campaign and also gave some tips for the online marketing campaigns.
Bader bhai said; DELL do not have a website in Pakistan there for the fan page on Facebook was a great idea to stay in touch with current and potential customers, -- well I think by launching a fan page DELL actually made the users fan of DELL if we take this factor this way, but there is no doubt DELL Pakistan's campaign is the most talk about marketing campaign of last year, as Bader Bhai said the whole activity was online and they never used, any offline source. “When ever you are going for a campaign engagement is the key word” , said Bader Bhai.
Mr. Imran, Punjab Lead INTEL was also there to elaborate the presence of the INTEL inside the DELL. His presentation was short and simple but the whole process of making the presentation possible took sometime.
Miss. Nubla gave some idea about the product so that the contestants can gather some idea about the thing for which they were about to give a marketing plan. I think, I forgot to mention that the main attraction of the event was the competition of marketing plan for DELL. I was not part of competition as I was not having any one to team with, and I think I could not listen to the ideas of others as I did in this way if I was in competition. let me put what Nubla said about DELL's products; DELL is offering three products:

  1. DELL Mini, it is based on Atom Pro and have less price then other DELL laptops.
  2. DELL Inspiron, and it is available with Core i3,� Core i5, or Core i7 it is affordable when it comes to price.
  3. DELL Studio, it is having Core i5 or Core i7 and it is slightly expensive (not slightly in real sense)
In the competition there were so many interesting ideas and some of them were really amazing and I am sorry but I have to say (without taking any name) one or two ideas made me sleepy as I found them really boring. A Group came up with idea of SMS campaign and Youtube Videos, and other come up with the idea of MMS along with PWP and GWP promotions, another group come up with a brilliant Idea of DELL City the idea was to have a game, in which player will build cities and get higher ranks and at every rank he will get some gift.
A group said that as April is a Cancer awareness month as well as the hiking month in northern areas so we can interlink both the things with DELL, where as another group said that promotion should be done through real people rather then fan pages and groups. Some of the ideas or the presentations were funny, as a group kept on saying Twister while they were supposed to say Twitter, and a group said that why don't
DELL have Sania Mirza as Brand ambassador.
There was one thing common in most of the ideas and that was the Gaming factor, many groups were stressing on the point of having a game for DELL, some asked to develop a new one and some other said to integrate with any existing game. To me this gaming factor is a result of air wave spread by FarmVille which caused a unique kind of flu that almost everyone is sneezing in this way.
Rabia Gharib, The Editor in Chief of CIO Pakistan was the moderator, of the event and she kept cracking some jokes and asking questions during the presentations but one thing she said is stuck in that part of my brain where I keep advises of the people. She said, “Marketing is very high priced just start don't ask for time.” And it was the reply to a group which was asking if they have some more time to carry on their presentation.
Well a group called E-Scavengersrs were declared the winners and this was the group which gave the idea of MMS along with PWP + GWP Promotion, they got 3 things starting with the letter L, they got three 17 inches LCD Monitors from DELL. Well I am really thank full to the member of same group who was wearing IBM shirt for confirming the spellings of their group name.

Dr. Abudul Qadir Khan Sb. Birthday

Happy Birthday Dr. Abudul Qadir Khan Sb.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good News for Cancer Patients


Good News for Cancer Patients


Indian Army Martyred 10 Kashmiri,s

Indian army is continuing its State Terrorism in Occupied Kashmir and in a recent incident it has killed 10 Kashmiri People in Doda City of occupied Kashmir. Indian army attacked a market by claiming that Two Lashkar Taiba Mujahideen are inside but there where only Civilians. Later on Local People told the media that there where no Mujahideen and Indian army has killed innocent people in the attack. Local People said that all the people killed where innocent and Indian army has killed them by doing a Fake Drama.

Indian army also killed two Youngsters in shopian City of occpied Kashmir. on other other hand Kashmiri leader Meervaiz Umar Farooq is arrested by Indian army. In last 20 years over 93000 innocent Kashmiri,s are killed In Indian army state terrorism.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

LUMS HR Confluence 2010

Past experiences make you do a lot of things, sometimes a good experience give you a lifelong effect and that is what dragged me to LUMS last week (April 17th) and this time reason as LUMS HR Confluence 2010. Ever since I got to know about this event I was eager to be there as it was amazing to be there at LUMS Marketing Colloquium.
HR Confluence was a one day event having panel discussions, workshops and a competition called HR Maestro Competition. When I reached the place I was assure of one thing that I was late but as one of my friend says that you are never late at any event if you are in Pakistan. Here I must thank Tariq Bhai who helped me in getting information and all the process for joining this even and he also helped me on the day for registration process. While I was registering myself for the event I met Usman Latif whom I met at Google Mapping Party last time.
Usman and I made our way to the NIB hall, the event was divided into two parts one was for the corporate + students having the workshops and panel discussions and the other was only for students and it was HR Maestro Competition there were case presentations and a quiz competition. I decided to be in former one that’s why I was in NIB hall. The event was officially started at 10 am with the opening ceremony.
Dr. Anwar Khurshid, Faculty LUMS gave the welcome notes and he said that there are three reason for him to like this whole event, 1. It’s a student led initiative, 2. It is a great opportunity to build linkages, it gives old-timers (like him) to see old students to be back in LUMS. Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi was the next one to come and he described the whole development of HR in Pakistan since the very beginning that how current HR management scenario developed which used to be just controlling administration functions back in 50s and 60s. The third speaker was Mr. Moeez Karim, the Marketing Manager, Consumer Product Division, Packages. He was looking bit nervous during his speech and he himself revealed the reason as he said that he has given so many exams sitting in the very same hall during his LUMS days. He said that at the time of recruitment; Skills, desire, motivation is important but individual goals play the major part.
After the opening ceremony there was a Networking Tea; during this session I got chance to network with the other students how came for the same event from different parts of Pakistan, and I also got chance to meet Saadi Rauf, The President of LMEC and Hammad Qazi, The Vice President of�LMEC. It was nice meeting them again after the LUMS Marketing Colloquium. I must say that I was actually feeling sorry for Hammad as he was wearing Suit on a day which can be given as example of how hot the summers of Lahore are.
Now it was the time for Panel Discussion on Talent Management, Mr. Mohsin Khan (international HR Consultant) was the moderator of the discussion and in panel there were Mr. Shoaib Ahmed�(manager HR, TetraPak Pakistan), Ma’am Zainab Khan (Recruitment, Compensation & Training Manager, ICI Pakistan), and Mr. Umair Malik who was representing Engro Corp. there were few point that were new for me in the presentations but to me and some other fellows (why should only I take the whole responsibility) it was more of a marketing session where the presenters gave the idea about their company more then what actually happening there in for the HR and Talent management however in Q&A sessions many questions somehow overcome this thing as they were quite relevant questions.
“What is Changing” that was the name of workshop on change management by Ma’am Shireen Naqvi, Navitus. One of the best workshops I have ever been in, that’s what I have to say about it. Many things I learnt which I feel now that I never realized before as at one point she said, “If you are a liar, you are not human yet”. She also told us the best school which teaches us all the values required to live a good life and the school is MKG (Maan Ki Goad—Lap of Mother) she also said, “We are great as individuals but can’t play together”. She also collected the points essential for excellence from the audience and told us that change everything but do not let them to change. There was another practice called GHQ and I must say it’s a great frustration buster for me (it has nothing to do with the�general�head quarters).
I don’t know about others but by now I was feeling hungry and at that time the best session was about to start and it was Networking Luncheon. Again got chance to talk to many people and exchange some ideas met some old fellows from PU, met an interesting person, Asif Khan who is a trainer and inspirational speaker. I also got chance to talk to Shaukat A Brah Dean of Salman Dawood School of Business, LUMS. I must say it was really nice talking to him and again I picked up some good points from the chit chat that I know will be helpful throughout my life.
Panel discussion on Use of Social Media in HR, was the next thing to come and I was actually waiting for this as Mr. Adeel Anwar (Netsol) and Mr. Badar Khushnood (Google) was the part of it, I really like these two people and both of them are in the list of those amazing people that I met in last one year. The other panelists were Mr. Monis Rehman (CEO, Rozee.PK) and Ma’am Andaleeb Abbas (CEO, Franklin Covey Pakistan). This panel discussion was more interesting and informative then the previous one and some good facts I came to know during the presentations. However one thing that I learnt was the fact; “there is no problem with the technologies the problem is with the people using them” and it was said by Ma’am Andleeb while answering a question.
It was time for the attraction of the even that’s what I believe about the workshop “Out of the Box Thinking: Managing your own Talent” by Mr. Nadeem Chawhan (Navitus). Brilliant is the word that can possibly describe what I experienced in that workshop. I must say Mr. Chawhan is a great presenter and motivating speaker and his witty style awesome and he actually make us all to think that “What Is Potential”. He presented many complex aspects of HR in his signature style and I must say that I never been able to understand HR as easily as I did during the workshop.
It was the time to close the ceremony and distribute the certificates and shields. One thing I forgot IBIT, Punjab University got 2nd Position in the HR Maestro Competition; and my friend Syed Hassan Talal was the part of it, many congratulations to the team from PU, and FC College University was the winner of the competition.
Networking tea was the final part of the event, and I got chance to talk to Mr. Naweed Masood Ali, President LUMS HR Executive Club; what a humble person he is and he had a reason to be happy because the event goes very well and I want to utilize this opportunity to congratulate him and his team on holding such a wonderful event and I am also thankful to Naweed as he helped me in being the part of the event.
That’s it that was my experience about being in LUMS for the second time, I know this post is really long but that is one thing I do not know; how to precise the things and still do the justice. One more thing before I end this thanks to Usman Latif for all the tips and suggestions he gave.

Chay Bananay ka 10 method....?


Request for Help

Dear all group members,   I am forwarding you all member of group a help request.  If any boday can do anything please come forward and do the needful for this young baby..  I am also enclosing the pictures of this baby for your ready reference.   Please find below the request.   Regards / Admin -

Friday, April 23, 2010

India can do another Mumbai attacks Drama: Zaid Hamid

Pakistani Defence analyst Zaid Zaman Hamid has said that India can do another Mumbai attacks Drama in near future to put Pakistan under pressure.He said that there are reports of Indian Raw Planning another attack like Mumbai. He said that India is working on new Strategy against Pakistan to destroy it without fighting.

India is closing Water of Pakistan by making new dams and doing Propaganda against it to declare it a Failed State. Zaid Hamid Said that Indian Backed TTP is defeated in Swat and Waziristan and now only few remaining elements are doing these attacks.

how to rebuild your home to make it Earthquake safe.

UN Habitat (The United Nations Agency working directly with ERRA) designed a poster with the help of engineers on how to rebuild your home to make it Earthquake safe. Thursday July 13, 2006 (1623 PST)   UN Habitat (The United Nations Agency working directly with ERRA) designed a poster with the

Thursday, April 22, 2010

TRUE FACE of ANP (Awami National Party) PK




Ex-Indian Army Chief accepts ISI not involve in Terrorism

Ex-Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor accepts ISI not involve in Terrorism and violation of Ceasefire on Border.

100 Million More Indian goes below Poverty Line

According to Indian Government official estimate 100 Million or 10 Caror More People are gone below Poverty Line in India in last few years. in the past People below Poverty Line in India where 27% which are gone up to 37% now. Indian Government has now decided to bring new Food Security Bill for these Poor People.

According to United Nations now More than 410 Million People of Indian are below Poverty Line and this rate is increasing rapidly and Wealth is joining in few hands. Instead of working for ending this Poverty Indian officials are increasing their Defence Budget every year.

Iceland volcano 2010

REYKJAVIK, Iceland, April 21 (UPI) -- An estimated 75 percent of the usual number of passenger flights over Europe were expected back in the air Wednesday as skies clear from volcanic ash.

Officials reopened airports across the continent a week after the eruption of a volcano under Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier sent a huge plume of smoke, ash and grit into the air.

The fear that a buildup of volcanic debris could cause jet engines to fail led authorities to ground thousands of flights into and out of European airports. Millions of passengers were affected and the airline industry losses could approach $2 billion.

Airlines worked to fit the passengers who had been stranded for days onto flights. It was expected to be several days before the backlog was met and air traffic returned to normal levels.

The bulk of the flights canceled Wednesday were shorter trips.

It wasn't only travelers who were inconvenienced. Industry was also affected, the BBC said. Grounded flowers and food from Africa will likely have to be thrown out as spoiled, parts from Germany for automakers in Japan were delayed, idling plants, and goods waiting to be shipped from China, the world's largest exporter, remained in Asia.

Scientists said Wednesday the volcano at Eyjafjallajokull wasn't as active as it had been over the last week but warned such eruptions are unpredictable and could cause other nearby volcanoes to also erupt, which could spew another ash cloud dangerous to air travel.

Airspace in Norway and Sweden shuts again

BRUSSELS – Aviation authorities say they have closed the airspace over parts of Norway and Sweden as shifting winds send a new cloud of volcanic ash over Scandinavia.

The Swedish aviation authority says airspace is still open over the capital Stockholm, but closed over the southern cities of Goteborg and Malmo, and large parts of western and northern Sweden.

Authority spokesman Bjorn Stenberg says changing winds meant the ash cloud over Sweden didn't disperse as forecast. Meanwhile, new ash clouds are blowing in over western Norway.

Norwegian authorities say Oslo remains open but airspace over western Norway has closed again, including Stavanger and Bergen.

Eurocontrol says it expects nearly 22,000 flights over Europe on Thursday.

Last Words of Nabi Kareem Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W

Last Words of Nabi Kareem S.A.W   Read it, Once !!   S uddenly, there was a person, he said salaam. 'May I come in?' he asked. But Fatimah(rt.anha) did not allow him enter the room. 'I'm sorry, my father is ill,' said Fatimah(rt,Anha), turned her body back and closed the door. She went back to her father who had opened his eyes and asked Fatimah(rt.Anha), 'Who was he, my daughter?' '

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Collaboration required for "BIDE-WDF Type 1 Diabetes Project" in Sindh, Pakistan

Dear Doctors, Many children worldwide die every year from diabetes. Unfortunately, the majority of children with Type1 diabetes living in developing countries do not have access to the standardized care along with life-saving medicines. As a result, they become chronically unwell and are prone to life-threatening episodes of ketoacidosis or hypoglycemia. Many die quickly; others develop

by Molana Roomi


RAUF O RAHIM (Subhanallah)


US Military Base Under Control of Afghan Taliban

US Military Base Under Control of Afghan Taliban

Beautiful Photos of Pakistan

Following are some Beautiful Photos of Beautiful Pakistan. To watch a Wallpaper in full size click it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pakistani Army Ranks

Following are Ranks of Pakistan Army. to watch in full size click the Image below

We Will Continue to Support Israel: Hillary Clinton

American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that we will never stop supporting Israel and making sure the its Security. She Said America will stand with Israel and help it in every difficult condition. on the other hand American Chairman of Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Michael Molan we thinking about different options to stop the nuclear programs of Iran and attack on Iran will be the last option.

Israel has blamed Iran that Iran is a threat to whole world. on the other hand Nuclear Conference in Iran of two days is over in which it was demanded to take steps to make World free from Nuclear weapons. America is supporting Israel from the first day of its creation due to strong hold of Zionist Jews in America. Zionist Jew Lobby is so much strong in US that even American President Barack Obama cannot go against it. America accepted Israel after 11 minutes of its creation and always supported Israeli terrorism on innocent people of Palestine. Barack obama who was a supporter of Free Palestine in his young age is also silent on Israeli terrorism and occupation on Palestine.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Exploring the safari… and Busting the Frustration.

Whenever I have been questioned about my hobbies I present huge list but few things which never changed or dropped from this list are “reading books, meeting people, and traveling”. And when I say this I mean this, it is not because it’s a golden answer to reply when you are asked about your hobbies.
My days of unemployment ended back in January and since then I am working for one of a renowned brand in the telecom sector of Pakistan. Believe me when I say this that now with all those days I spent with this workplace I am having one of the best time of my life and all the frustration I had in the beginning because of new place and new work and all that. The main reason for me adjusting there is the people, all of them are great and all the seniors are like my teachers, and my badge mates are like my amigos.
I think this post is going to some other way so let’s drag it back to the beautiful morning of march 2010. It was the day when the team I am part of was going for a trip to bust the daily schedule; at first I was not very interested in going on this trip. Anyhow I was forced to go there but when I got to know that all the people who are really special for me are also going, this information made me to be happy on my decision of going for the trip as I was aware that these seniors will defiantly make this trip an amazing one.
Today when I recall that day the first thing come into my mind is the awesome weather in Lahore and the other thing is PAKORAs that I had in breakfast all thanks to Muneel Bhai. By the way, we were going to a resort at Head Baloki (no wonder that I have forgotten the name of that resort but I think it was something like RANA)
I visited head baloki back in 1997 and found it really boring place but this resort was amazing, green fields beautiful trees and the weather was creating this moment more magical for me. Well I have taken a few pictures and you can see them and realize how amazing weather was that day. The fun begin with Abbasi Bhai and Sohail Bhai's songs in some weird language which they were claiming to be Pashto.
We also explored the safari which is the main attraction of this resort and we also played cricket in swimming pool, well there is no need to bang your head to know how come one can play cricket in swimming pool so let me clarify that considering the water issue the whole country is facing this pool was not having water.
It was a great day indeed, and every great day in my life has one thing in common and that is food—two words Awesome Food we had there, Biryani, Chicken Ginger and the specialty of the place Fish was in the menu. We were also having some talented singers with us and for sure those were not outsiders as they were from our call center. While in the evening we were enjoying the weather these three people created the moment musical and I noticed that the ostriches really enjoy music as they started to gather near the fence while the music was on, and one more thing I saw egg of ostrich for the first time in life.
That was the time it started to rain and we had to drag our one man show competetion under trees, it was an amazing competition and Asad Bhai won it though it is still controversial. While we were coming back to Lahore I was really feeling some positive changes in me as somehow I busted the frustration in me and all thank goes to my team. The last attraction of the trip was the hang out in KFC. Today when I recall that day I feel like that I had a great day when I was close to the nature and enjoying myself while having number of amazing people around me.
About the place I visited, I have to say that it’s a good place to have picnic with family (well I am not paid to say so, one must consider that I am right and see it to believe it), it’s been maintain very well the decoration is awesome, and the safari is also crafted with trees from Africa, one more thing they also arrange legal hunting adventure of Black Deer. In a nut shell if you are planning to have a safari experience in Pakistan it is a good place to when you want to keep the budget economical.

Pakistan army Exercises Azm-e-Nau Snapshot

Snapshot of Pakistan army Exercises Azm-e-Nau while on other hand Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Army Chief General Kiyani are watching the Pakistan army Exercises Azm-e-Nau.

Pakistani army Helicopters Photos

Following are Some of the Photos of Pakistani army Helicopters Photos. To watch any Picture in full size Click it.

37% Indians below Poverty Line

The Poverty in India is increasing day by day and recently Indian planning commission has accepted that the rate of Poverty Line in India has gone up to 37%. Indian planning commission has said on basis of Tendulkar Committee that the Poverty is increased 10% in India. After this increase of 10% over 1/3 India Population is gone down Poverty Line.

For those who don,t know what is Below Poverty Line? Below Poverty Line means earning less than two Dollars daily which in India currency means 80 Rs. The Wealth in India is uniting in few hands while poor is becoming more poor. Just 36 Families in India are having 1/3 of Indian GDP. Indian Establishment must think about it that instead of spending billions on Defence and Destabilizing Pakistan they must spend in giving food to their poor people