Monday, April 19, 2010

Exploring the safari… and Busting the Frustration.

Whenever I have been questioned about my hobbies I present huge list but few things which never changed or dropped from this list are “reading books, meeting people, and traveling”. And when I say this I mean this, it is not because it’s a golden answer to reply when you are asked about your hobbies.
My days of unemployment ended back in January and since then I am working for one of a renowned brand in the telecom sector of Pakistan. Believe me when I say this that now with all those days I spent with this workplace I am having one of the best time of my life and all the frustration I had in the beginning because of new place and new work and all that. The main reason for me adjusting there is the people, all of them are great and all the seniors are like my teachers, and my badge mates are like my amigos.
I think this post is going to some other way so let’s drag it back to the beautiful morning of march 2010. It was the day when the team I am part of was going for a trip to bust the daily schedule; at first I was not very interested in going on this trip. Anyhow I was forced to go there but when I got to know that all the people who are really special for me are also going, this information made me to be happy on my decision of going for the trip as I was aware that these seniors will defiantly make this trip an amazing one.
Today when I recall that day the first thing come into my mind is the awesome weather in Lahore and the other thing is PAKORAs that I had in breakfast all thanks to Muneel Bhai. By the way, we were going to a resort at Head Baloki (no wonder that I have forgotten the name of that resort but I think it was something like RANA)
I visited head baloki back in 1997 and found it really boring place but this resort was amazing, green fields beautiful trees and the weather was creating this moment more magical for me. Well I have taken a few pictures and you can see them and realize how amazing weather was that day. The fun begin with Abbasi Bhai and Sohail Bhai's songs in some weird language which they were claiming to be Pashto.
We also explored the safari which is the main attraction of this resort and we also played cricket in swimming pool, well there is no need to bang your head to know how come one can play cricket in swimming pool so let me clarify that considering the water issue the whole country is facing this pool was not having water.
It was a great day indeed, and every great day in my life has one thing in common and that is food—two words Awesome Food we had there, Biryani, Chicken Ginger and the specialty of the place Fish was in the menu. We were also having some talented singers with us and for sure those were not outsiders as they were from our call center. While in the evening we were enjoying the weather these three people created the moment musical and I noticed that the ostriches really enjoy music as they started to gather near the fence while the music was on, and one more thing I saw egg of ostrich for the first time in life.
That was the time it started to rain and we had to drag our one man show competetion under trees, it was an amazing competition and Asad Bhai won it though it is still controversial. While we were coming back to Lahore I was really feeling some positive changes in me as somehow I busted the frustration in me and all thank goes to my team. The last attraction of the trip was the hang out in KFC. Today when I recall that day I feel like that I had a great day when I was close to the nature and enjoying myself while having number of amazing people around me.
About the place I visited, I have to say that it’s a good place to have picnic with family (well I am not paid to say so, one must consider that I am right and see it to believe it), it’s been maintain very well the decoration is awesome, and the safari is also crafted with trees from Africa, one more thing they also arrange legal hunting adventure of Black Deer. In a nut shell if you are planning to have a safari experience in Pakistan it is a good place to when you want to keep the budget economical.

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