Sunday, April 11, 2010

18th Amendment-- Good Job Done, now what about other issues

So the 18th amendment has been made in the constitution and it was long due, it took more then 2 years to get this outcome. It is good news indeed as at a certain level it was an ultimate need now it’s been said that now institutions have been made stronger. One of my friends asked me after congratulating me on this historic outcome that what does these stronger institutions mean, and how good it will be. I don’t know what these stronger institutions are about. Well it does not mean that I am in favor of a stronger individual and centralized power in a state, but the issue is that I am in favor of supremacy of law rather than supremacy of a body or a human. Unless and until there is no supremacy of law even 118th amendment won’t do anything.

No doubt the outcome is great and historic and many issues have been resolved and many new issues have popped out. It was a major issue, according to our so called leaders. Okay I accept it that it was the major issue of this country, but that is what I am ready to accept but is every one ready to accept this fact. a few days back I was talking to a man who is from a province which once was known as NWFP, and he said that name is not a major issue we need bread, shelter and education that’s what we demand, they might give it any name e.g.Abdul Ghafoor�(no offence with the name, that was what that guy said)�or any other name it will not solve the real issues that we are facing every day.

almost the same answers I get from the people-- common men whom I talked with on this issue, every common has one thing to say that these are the luxuries of these royal people a common man won’t be able to get anything we need food, we need petrol, we want to get rid of this bloody load�shedding, we want to see this price hike coming down and the list goes on. I took a deep look of this list and couldn’t find anything that this new 18 number gift has in its box.

so now when this MAJOR issue of this nation has been resolved now the ruling parties PPP and PMLN must consider the minor issues like law and order, price hike, oil prices, water issue, health, load shedding, education and many more. Well I am in my senses that I mentioned PMLN as the ruling party as I can not find anything called opposition in the assembly. Honestly speaking I maintain what I have said many times before that I can find anything called government in this country these days.

In the end I want to congratulate the nation on getting this gift called 18th amendment, and I hope this proves to be something that results in supremacy of law rather than powerful individuals and bodies. I also want to request the thing which is according to few people is government kindly do something for the common people who ultimate choose who is going to rule, for god sake try to realize that every human is answerable and the people in power are no different.

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