Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Smarter Access Control With FaceXs

Every optical scanner is a camera, this is the fact which I never realized before visiting Solo Smart inc. this past Friday I was lucky enough to see one of the greatest achievement and innovation by Pakistan. I am talking about FaceXs (Facial Recognition Device) a device which can handle almost every issue regarding access control.
Security is a big issue today even at schools kids have to go through scanning this the best example I could give, but security is one new thing as a few years back security was not as big issue as it is now however there is one thing which is there for a long time and that is ghost attendance at workplaces specially when it is a government institution. Many things came into the scene, RFID system, biometric scanners and many other things.
The card scanning system Also known as RFID system is something which is very famous snapping card to get access to the controlled areas just like what we have seen in old 007 movies. Are we still sure that there is no ghost attendance in practice when RFID is doing its job. Sure one can show more than one cards to mark the attendance, and there are some issues too card got stolen, one forget to carry it, and it got scratched even.
To me RFID is not a cost effective idea, generating so many cards and keep issuing them after the occurrence of any of the above issues. Every year companies have to spend big bucks every time they issue new cards. The one thing I like about FaceXs is it is one time investment no need to issue new cards and the best thing “one can forget to carry his card but no one fill forget to bring his face with him”.
Now come to the technology of finger prints and thumb impressions, not a bad Idea but still one have to touch the machine. Imagine that the finger is soak with cream, ghee, sweat, or any other thing and the scanning panel. I do not think that I have to say any other thing as if you have good imagination you can get idea what the scanning surface has to go through.
Just show your face to the optical scanner and you are in; no need to carry card and cleaning the surface after the finger touched it. Start counting the advantages:
  • FaceXs can be integrated with any electrical door
  • the price is only 125000 Rupees which is far more economical than any other product produced here in Pakistan or Imported one
  • extremely easy to use
  • it only required 12 volts of power so it can easily work on UPS,
  • it will scan your face no matter if it is wet with sweat or water,
  • FaceXs have no issue in scanning your face even if you have applied some cream or any thing like that on your face
  • it is completely fine if you have started to keep mustaches, or you havnt shaven for many days
  • it is portable and do not occupy huge space
  • it makes the 3d image of the face so it will only scan your face ( I tested it on Picture)

While talking to man behind the product, Farhan Masood I got to know some interesting facts. He said that they tested FaceXs on identical twins and out of ten pairs it identified eight of them correct and for remaining two they have issued cards, FaceXs also have RFID panel to coup with such situations and it can help in managing the records of visitors and allowing them to enter only after snapping the cards where as regular employees have to “face” it. It has internal record keeping/ backup system so if it is disconnected from the main network it stores data in the internal memory and we can get that data from the USB port which is under the device. Farhan Bhai also said that they offer installation as well as one day training and solo smart is available for the backup support when ever it is required.
Farhan Bhai says that it is a device which cannot be fooled, it is a revolution in the technology field of Pakistan. To me it is one of the greatest innovations ever took place in Pakistan and it's a must to have device at a workplace where at least 25 people visit every day. The features and advantages it offers are far more then the cost one have to pay, and lets face it FaceXs is one time cost that will serve you for long time and give you surety that the workplace is safe from ghost attendance, there is something called access controlled and one more thing you can avoid unwanted guests. ;)�