Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dr. Israr Ahmed- Rest in Peace

Early in the morning when I was checking my text messages, I got on shocking news and it was about the Death of Dr. Israr Ahmed. I was actually in the state of shock when the news bounced on me, my friend confirmed the news. Another great person has left the world that’s what I can say. I know that whatever I would write for him will not be enough to match the greatness of late Dr. Israr.
Dr. Israr is also a part of my childhood memory, I still remember that I and Baba Jani (my father) many times offered Juma Prayer in Bagh e Jinnah as Dr. Israr Ahmed used to do the Imamat of the prayer and the speech before the prayer was one of the reason which kept dragging my father there. Well in those days I was not aware of what this all about but with the passage of time two Islamic scholars left a great impact on my way of thinking one is Dr. Israr, and other is late Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik (what a smile that man had).
Dr. Israr Ahmed was once member of Jamat e Islami and as much as I know he remain Nazim e Ala (president) of Islami Jamit e Tulba (student wing of JI), but left JI because as per Dr. Israr JI was not doing what actually it was made for. Tanzeem e Islami is the name of organization he was running to spread the message of Quran. I really admire the way he used to describe and elaborate the verses of Quran so that lay man like me can also understand what the real message was; I also read some of the Islamic literature written by him. He was also a big fan of Iqbal�and his philosophy.
Once on TV, I say his office and that sight is still save in my mind a lot of books on the table, more books on the table behind his seat and shelf full of books and at that time I prayed from the bottom of my heart that Allah also make me such good reader. To me it’s not just a loss of Tanzeem e Islami�(Islamic teaching organization founded by Dr. Israr)�nor the Pakistan to me whole Muslim world will miss his presence now as an enormous Islamic Scholar is no more with us. In life I have many regrets and I believe that I won’t be able to get rid of them, and not been able to join Dr. Israr’s Namaz e Jinazah has added one more thing in my regret list.(in picture Grave of Dr. Israr Ahmad, Picture courtesy Khawar Mehmood)
One more thing which was making me sad is the attitude of our media, one of the leading news channels was busy in broadcasting the Sangeet ceremony of Sania and Shoaib, and followed by the fuss of Veena Malik and Muhammad Asif, after all this crap they gave the news of Dr. Israr’s death and at that time I was watching TV to know more about the tragedy. This attitude made me really angry, these stupid media people has no idea what we have lost, the time we are going thorough right now we really need people like Dr. Israr who can teach us what actually Quran says, but these media people were busy in making their news more glamorous rather than paying homage to such a great soul. Yeah sometimes I also say something which proves to be true again and again, so I would like to say it again, “as a whole nation, priorities are one of the major issues we have, and attitude of media is one big example.”

the link below have the videos of Dr. Israrh Ahmed Janazah and Burial Ceremony:

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