Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Are you Satisfied or Confused????

It was Sunday last year and date was 15th March a strange day in our history. At one end Besant was being celebrated and on the other hand Long March to restore the judiciary was on. I have been in favor of free judiciary since I came across to the Quote of Hazrat Ali R.A; “the government of Kufr (infidelity) can survive but the government of cruelty can never remain in power”. I believe if there is no justice in the society and the country it means that there is the government of cruelty is going on.
2007 proved to be a year which resulted many changes, Prvaiz Musharaf who was the center of all the powers in the Pakistan, started making mistakes one after the other and his rivalry with the black coats was the first blunder he made. I do not think that I have to write about it anymore as it’s known to everyone here that what happened after it, each day it was a new turn. Implementation of emergency (which I call a mini martial law), king’s party was defeated in the elections and now the party of Martyr of Democracy was in power.
When all the things were showing green flag, still it took more than one year to the judiciary is restarted by the Peoples Government. I admire the movement of black coats as to me it’s been the longest running campaign ever which gave a good result, a common man and people from civil society supported them a lot and how can I forget the support they got online through social media and Blogosphere of Pakistan.
Let me come to the Long March day, I have no interest in Besant and all that and I wanted to be the part of the moment which was being written in the chapters of this history. But I was not allowed to go there where the long march was on, I was forced to play cricket the time when the caravan was passing by the road which is near my house. I had all the good feelings and best wishes for the people who were on the mission, as I thought that I will bring some good for the mango men like me (aam admi).
At night when I was at home and watching the live coverage of the long march on TV and enjoying the text messages of my friends, actually one of my friends wished in his text message that army should take over—this one was a laughing stock for me. Every TV channel was giving some new news and every TV anchor was asking people to not to sleep as some good news is in pipe line. I don’t remember all the anchors whom I watched on TV, but I can remember Aaa Aaaa fame Kamran Khan who was asking people to not to sleep as watch man calls “ Jagty Rehna” (Stay awake), and the other one I still remember is Asma Chaudhri, many of you will amaze that what so special about her but she was looking really good in black dress with red embroidery.
I was not a serious blogger in those days so the only good habit I had than was to sleep in time as the university was the beigest responsibility on me, being a student. In the morning when I was getting ready for University the first thing I heard on TV was the words of Kamran Khan saying “Hum ne Kaha than a k mat soiye ap ko maza aa jay ga, dekh lijiye hum ne durust kaha tha PM ne Adlia Bahal karnay ka elan kar dia hay” (we told you not to sleep as you will have fun and see we were right as PM has announced to restore the judiciary)—my memory might be deceiving me so if any word in above statement is wrong pardon me for it but I can assure that it was all as per the best I could remember.
I think I should get little serious now as a lot of fun has been made throughout the post. It’s been a year today that the judiciary been restored, but do you all think we have achieved what we dreamed for, other than NRO there has been no big case been resolved so far. Missing Persons case which was one of the claim to fame for CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhri, is still in the air and there is no head of the thread so far. Some say that the judiciary has become a party now to some extent they may be right but on the next moment I think this might be the reaction as we are not used to free judiciary.
I don’t think that I am an expert on this but I have a question that are you satisfied with the one year performance of free judiciary???? Well if I was asked the same question my reply would have been that I am confused…

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