Thursday, March 25, 2010

It is personal…

It has always believed that the biggest problem with the government we have in all those years since 1960 have been the confusion in and by the person in power i.e. every dictator wanted and even tried to be democrat and a publically elected and chosen one turned into dictator. There is a saying that the old habits die hard exactly the same thing I experienced last evening. While the whole day it was a part of discussion that by the end of the day 17th amendment might be the part of history, new name of NWFP might have been decided and many other so called issues will be resolved.. I used the word so called because such issues are the interests of the people in power but to a common man he has nothing to do with all this he is just asking for basic necessities.
Mr. Nawaz Shareef held a press conference and did everything to make the potential 18th amendment turn into ashes, why is he doing so? From the day one he is asking for the 18th amendment and the end of 17th one. To me his politics is all personal many months back there was a plan being followed to become president, in the camp of this N league. Now when there is nothing about the clause to become the prime minister for the 3rd time, Mr. Nawaz Shareef has declared it unacceptable.
To me Nawaz Shareef is a strange character he looks like Butt Saab type of people who have nothing to do but to eat and talk about silly stuff, however when ever NS been in power he acted like Mola Jutt been hand in hand with Army, Judiciary, Media and many other fights in different arenas. To best of my knowledge these all rivalries were the result of a sense of being a dictator. All the things been said yesterday are proving that these people have nothing to do with the feelings and demands of a common man to such people politics is all about “Its Personal” matter.
The biggest achievement in the score-card of NS in recent past is the restoration of judiciary, which was a demand of the nation at that time and the whole thing was used to get more score and followership. Nevertheless let me go to the time when there was confusion on the topic that PML-N will support long march or not and I think many of you still remember the statement of NS in which he was annoyed on the declaration of long march day without taking his opinion on it. He is not a lawyer he was just using the whole campaign for his own purpose. Let me give another example in connection to the same factor. NS decided to support the lawyers’ movement openly and declared that he will lead the long march, and this declaration was made right after becoming unworthy as per court decision.
There are so many examples of his past proving that how much personally he takes the issue and put the expectations of mango (common) people in a corner. Once I was talking to a person from N league, and he told me that there are two groups in N league one is pro Shabaz and other is Pro Nawaz all those who are experts or even learners of the art of flattering belong to Nawaz camp. But I have observed, might be there are two groups, there is another group which can be called Ch. Nisar group. Yes the leader of the opposition, one of those people in N League who was very happy on court’s decision which declared Shareef Brothers unworthy.
And last evening what I can observed that the former two time PM of Pakistan was looking like the puppet of Ch. Nisar camp, and whole press conference says that the only eagerness he has is to get into power and on other issues like empowering the parliament, provincial independence and the demand of decades; change the name of NWFP, he has nothing to do with. That’s why I believe that one of the biggest blunders he made in his life the press conference was one of them. No doubt it was personal not national.
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