Saturday, March 13, 2010

Problem is Input or Outcome?

Since last Monday one piece of news has been my center of focus, the news might not be as big as it could have make a headline in main stream media but it captured my mind and heart for so many days. The news was a about a kid from Karachi, Arbaz. Arbaz lost his eye due to the torture he faced in seminary as a punishment of having a casual leave.
In the word of Arbaz:
I went to my elder sister house on Saturday and teacher asked me to be in Cock Stance (MURGHA, a famous punishment in Pakistan) and slapped my face hard as my eye started to bleed”
I have been seminaries and having some religious views I believe that these seminaries are best NGOs but only if they practice their operations in a better way. As I said that I have been in seminaries and I must say I had one of the best time of my life there because of the teachers I had there that might be the reason that I still respect my USTAD JI.
Keeping my emotions towards the seminaries (Madrassa) aside I admit that there are such problem figures which make Human Rights Commission of Pakistan to report in following words:
There are 5,500 deeni madaris inPakistan. These institutions

are not concerned with imparting a well roundededucationto the

children. Instead, they are missionaries in the narrow sense of the

term. "They aim to pass on their corpus of sectarian beliefs and to

raise a new generation hardened and militant in its devotion to those

beliefs", according to the State of HumanRightsin 1997

I don’t want to go to the aspect s which is connected to the Afghan Jihad and all that because that is something linked to the Madrisa culture however there are many other factors which put Madaris on this track.
We always condemn the Taliban and extremist views of such people who are product of Religious School. Mark my word Product, because have we ever noticed that what have been the input of such Schools?
Those who cannot bear the educational expenses put their children in such schools, those kids who are expected to be dumb and dull in normal studies became input of this situation (totally opposite to the practice of Jews where the best mind is put into religious studies), and one more thing physically handicapped and mentally abnormal (to some extent) are also the input in such schools.
As you sow so shall you reap; that’s what I learned back in school and it’s simple to understand. Till the time the input is imperfect we are forced to make hue and cry over, by our own self, on the outcome. While I was looking for some information of such cases I came across to many such cases where children are tortured like slaves, how can I miss the special and ever famous punishment of putting student in chain which is in practice at the seminaries of Southern Punjab.� Do you think that after going through such circumstances an innocent brain can remain innocent and peaceful? No doubt the teachers who practice such activates do so only because they have gone through the same process, and to them it is either the best way to teach their pupil or in this way they are taking revenge of the hash things happened to them in their student era.
I am not pin pointing all the Seminaries in Pakistan because I have personally visited many seminaries where the atmosphere is really peaceful and teachers are so kind and yes the real factor of INPUT is also something which makes the difference there. As I said in the beginning of this post, “these DEENI MADRISAs are the best NGOs only if they practice their operations in a proper way”.
Islam mean peace and I really believe in it but there is something which is creating an impact which is causing all the wrong image to be seen everywhere, and we have to deal with it until and unless we do not tend to make change to the factors causing problem for each and every one of us in one way or the other. Islam and religious affairs can’t be taught be brutalizing the pupil by horrifying them with the shine of punishment, because in this way we are not molding a brain we are actually creating a human which will either take revenge of the hardships he beard or will run away from the real soul of Islam.
I don’t have anything more to say but I really want WIFAQ ul MADARIS (federation of seminaries in Pakistan) to look into the meter and ruit out the problem factors in the structure. I also think that there is no harm in having sessions of such teachers with psycatriests that might bring some good results.

Now come to the reason that made me to write this post. Arbaz who lost his eye might never be able to see the world he used to see before, and he has a question and whole life he might remain in search of the answer and the question is “was the sin did me as big as bigger cost I paid???”

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