Wednesday, March 24, 2010

is that what is called Takmeel????

Yesterday on 23rd of March, even after assuring myself I could not write any blog post and I know that how much regret I am going to face in coming days for this dynamic, the whole day was a busy one and after a long time I utilized my day off in a full sense. I don’t want to spell out the whole day long story so let me come to the main reason of this blog post. There was an event taking place in Alhamra Open Hall Theater near Qaddafi Stadium, LahoreTAKMEEL E PAKISATN, was the title of the event.
At first this event was going to be held at MINAR-E-PAKISTAN and according to the organizing team it was the other part of the resolution which was passed 70 years back on the same date, that’s why it was named as Takmeel (task to complete). I got chance to be there because at first I had no plan to be there due to some reason and changing the venue one day before was somewhat alarming for me.
The reason for changing the venue was the anti ZAID HAMID rallies that was gathering at Minar e Pakistan at the same time when this event was planned. I volunteer myself for the vents just to see the “back Stage” happenings, and to my luck I was appointed as a member VIP escort team, it was obvious that I got chance to meet some people from Brasstacks, and of course I met Zaid Hamid too. I must say, despite the issues I have with him, he was very kind when I met him and quite different than the ZH we see on TV or behind the dice.
The event could not be started the way it was planned, or I should better say that the event ended before it could start. There was a stampede and the points of resolution were read by Zaid Hamid in a great hurry. The NOC for the event was canceled by the authorities as the Anti group started to gather at the place and it could have been a serious security issue. I could only understand only two points of the resolution as I was on my toes at that time (share them soon as i get the email). All of us were asked to quit the place and every big one left the place.

So that’s what takmeel is all about, the only wise decision at that time was to leave the place and it was taken by Zaid Hamid himself (apparently�to secure all the people present there), because there was a news that this event is possible and it can be completed if it is minus Zaid Hamid. the result of the event is still confusing for me as according to few people the cancelation of event is a slap on ZH and whole the movement and according to few the resolution is passed and that was the main reason for us all to gather there( in a nut shell it was a successful event).
Why we all love to be controvercial or why all the controversies peep out there heads at the time when someone become famous that is something I am unable to understand for a while. I said many times in recent past that I am no more a big fan of Zaid Hamid and I maintain this line but I believe as far as he is a Pro-Pakistan and Peo-Islam in a true sense then I am with him or any other person who have these few qualities. Still I think than why to be controversial??? To me takmeel event was a flop and I mean it, see if you are on a right way than you must make people to be with you rather than making every one an enemy is not a good policy as per me, because I think the formula to be in the shit-list of people just to prove that you are doing something worthwhile is acceptable in every case.
If it was about Pakistan than why only youth is required on such events why don’t people from every age and class can take part in takmeel??? I believe it’s time that the positions of many must be cleared and I think many of you understand about whom I am talking.

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