Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hindu Extremists Threatened Australians - Commonwealth Games can also be effected

Hindu Extremist Group Shiv Sena has Threatened the Australian players of now allowing them to play in India and other Australians to come to India. After Which Australian Players are thinking of not Playing in India. and it has also raised questions about the safety of thousands of Australians working in India. in past years Pakistani players are also threatened by this extremist group.

Shiv Sena is the same  Hindu Extremists which over the year is involved in massacring of minorities in India. Shiv sena was involove in 2002 Gujrat Muslims killings where over 2500 Muslims where killed. This group was also involved in massive attacks on Christian churches. there are hundreds of incident of this groups brulity with minorities. this year Commonwealth Games are also going to held in India in which player from all around the world takes part. Hindu Extremist can also Sabotage these games.

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