Wednesday, March 10, 2010

End of Players' Power???

For last an hour I am watching TV not for the reason of by-election which is taking place in NA123 which is not far away from my place. The reason behind this activity is the news which created a Bang in the cricket sky of Pakistan.  A few days back it was suggested to punish certain players on the basses of there activates inside and outside the cricket ground, I had no idea that the implementation on this news will happen like this and so early.
Former Captain and one of my favorite players Yunis Khan have been banned for whole life and Muhammad Yusuf is the other one who will enjoy the same punishment for whole life. Both these men are getting the result of the personal clash they were cherishing for last one year almost. Ever since Pakistan won T20 world cup time never been the same for Younis and after going through a bad patch and leaving the captaincy his chances to be in team were very less. M. Yusuf is one of those players whom I never been fan of and one of the reason is his expertise in creating groups and keeping everyone on his toes ever since he became vice captain of the team.
Other than these two Shoaib Malik and Rana Naveed got a Ban for whole year also fined 2 million Rupees. This has put career of Rana to an end and as far as Shoaib is concerned he will make a comeback. To me Shoib Malik should also be banned for life because he was the one who started playing political game in and outside ground by keeping senior players out of the team and flexing his captaincy muscles.
The Akmal Brothers have also been fined Kamran has to pay a fine of 3 million and Umer  will have to pay 2 million as fine and both the brothers are also under the probation for six months. Afridi, the potential Captain (at least my vote is with him), was fined 3 million rupees for ball tampering during the one-day series against Australia.
To me it’s a great decision and that might put the players power to an end players power has been one of the reason of group establishment and personal clashes among the players and in the end team has to suffer the result caused by the act of these dummy gods. At one time I thought that it is too much to ban for whole life and reason was the ban on YK as I said many times before that he is one of my favorite players ever, but now I think that the decision is good because I don’t want to see my favorite cricket team face more bad results just because of one favorite player of mine.
I believe that punishment is one of the best solutions to create discipline and sudden peace in the environment in past PCB kneeled time and again to the player’s power, but this time this is a bold step taken by the authority and let’s see what outcome it brings out. As Abdul Qadir said “it’s a brave and wise decision; however PCB must stand by it and make sure not to change it in future.”

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