Thursday, March 4, 2010

Joanna-- A Frind of Pakistan

Friends of Pakistan was an idea or something to get support or I should better say AID was the main reason behind this. Till now I am not able to understand what good have we achieved from these so called friends of Pakistan. The eye of whole world towards our land is covered with the glasses which only show negative aspects of this land. I just want to know that is there any nation which is 100% perfect, I know the answer will be no but the one who will answer it will ask me what this question has to do with a failed state like Pakistan. First I do not think and I will never accept that Pakistan is a failed state because the time we are going through may be like a dark tunnel but an almost visionless person like me can see the light at the end of this tunnel and with the passage of every single day, this end, which is full of light, is coming nearer and nearer.
Last year, and I mean 2009 have been a great year of my life, I completed my graduation, I got some fame(still it was not much) in my college, became an integral part of the commerce club that we made in university, and one of the biggest reason was to start this blog MY LAND PAKISTAN, I still remember the time when I started it and the story behind this fact has been kept aside and will put it here one the first HAPPY BIRTHDAY of this blog (its coming soon so don't worry).
Another reason which I want to share is the fact that I became active on social media after this blog came into being. It was the time when people were shifting to twitter from face book, but I was active on facebook after I have some good experience of twitter. While I was doing my internship in a bank last year, I became an active blogger due to the support I got from the people there. It was the time when I came across to many pictures of with green background on twitter and same thing I noticed on face book too. I was not able to understand what this was about, I greened my picture myself and put it on fb, I greened it just to celebrate Independence Day but I was not able to change it for months.
This green background became a reason for me to meet many people, if I start to make I list than I don't think I will be able to complete this blog pot tonight. Latter on I came to know about this go green campaign and since than this freelance warrior is a part of go green brigade. One complain, I have with the man who green so many pictures for the people, never greened my picture. Yeah its true that still I myself green my picture, not only mine picture of Rai Suffian AKA Lala (my younger brother), and the pic of Baba Jani was greened by me and the fact is alive that I am not good with photoshop.
Last month Joanna Vroom came to Pakistan, it was her first trip to Pakistan ever. And she was here just to meet us, we the people from green brigade. One of my friend says that its really impressive to see a lady visiting this country in this age and during those days when the situation of law and order is really unpredictable. I got, chance to meet her when PYR arranged a dinner for her, unfortunately I missed the dinner due to my shift but I managed to reach there to meet all the people gathered there under the banner of PYR.
It was last Saturday (it was the birthday of the greatest Man in this History of this universe, Prophet MUHAMMAD S.A.W) due to a holiday it was decided to have a full day with Joanna and the journey started with the breakfast at Royal Park, for me this journey started quite early as I reached the point where we were supposed to meet before any one else I did my break fast at that time by having oranges from a fruit vender. Parking my bike and, than getting it back is a different story but for those who love to make fun of my silly habits I submitted Xerox of my CNIC at the parking stand as I lost the parking token.
The break fast was really good and the thing which really matter is that the person for whom this Royal
breakfast was arranged actually enjoyed it. The next destination was Fountain House, and we were here to distribute Daig that we were giving in the celebrations of Eid Milad UN Nabi. .
Trip to Shahi Qila (Lahore Fort) was the title of this whole trip so from Fountain house this team, by the way there were people like Farhan bhai, Ali Awais, Soban Akram, Syed Hassan Tallal, Amna Usmani and Imran Bokhari ( I hope I am not missing any name other than mine in this list) in this team to take Joanna to Lahore fort. I was supposed to reach there on my bike so as always I lost the way some how reached there and till now those who were already there were waiting for me. We could not t stay there for long as it was getting really hot due to a real golden sunshine.
I had to leave for the office as I was having a shift, but rest of the team marched to the house of Farhan Bhai, and I rally want to apologies to Farhan Bhai for leaving like that when I was expected to be there with the whole group, and I hope he can understand my problem. There was a Tweet-up arranged by Rohan David Emanuel and Iftikhar Hussein, I missed that one too due to my shift but from the glimpse of the pictures I saw of that event I can see that every one had a great time there and believe me I really feel bad for missing it.
During this whole time I got chance to chat with Joanna for a while and what I could figure out is that she was really happy being here and she really found us as she was expecting and in answer to one of my question she said:
Its not strange to be in a strange place where no one is stranger actually, this journey form UK to Karachi and than Lahore and than back is might be tiring but the excitement of meeting new people and having great time give me energy.
By the time I am writing this post, Joanna is back in UK and I hope that she had a safe journey and must be doing really well. I just want to say that it was really nice to have you here and as I promised that I will see you there (and figures are crossed for it) I will definitely complete my promise. I started this post with some criticism on friends of Democratic republic of Pakistan, and reason behind doing that is the behavior of those FOP. To me people like Joanna are the real friends of Pakistan who actually took, risk to be here just to meet us and to prove that, this is not as harmful place as it has been projected by the whole world. And I must say on behalf of Pakistan (I think I am authorized to do so being a common man of this land), that Pakistan is proud to have friends like you Joanna…

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