Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Love with Hockey is Emotional #PkHockey

I have always been asked about the reason of fact behind my name. Some of the people who are familiar with the source tried to tease me with referring me to that. I never bothered for it as I am in love with my name as so far I have found a very few people with this name here in Pakistan and it’s really good to have a different name. Well that true that my name is inspired by AZLAN SHAH the emperor of Malaysia. The story behind my name goes like (according to some sources), it was decided that my name is going to be MUHAMMAD AZLAN while my whole family was busy in watching final of AZLAN SHAH hockey tournament, I was only a week or 10 days old, and my eldest Chachu was the one who gave me this name.

Another question which I come across in my life is, “what does AZLAN mean”. Let me confess that for last few years I am not answering this question in a proper sense by saying it means “brave”, it actually means leopard or Lion.
As I already said that I am in love with my name that is perhaps a reason that I have an emotional bond with hockey- - field hockey the national game of My Land Pakistan. I still remember the moment when goal keeper Mansoor saved the decisive penalty stroke to make Pakistan win the hockey world cup 1994. That was a moment of history when Pakistan become a record 4th time champion of the game.
I still remember the Olympics of 1996 when we couldn’t make much, I can never forget the world cup of 1998 we lost it so do I, yes I lost that year because my exams were also on in those days while the world cup was going on, the tension and sadness of the game effected my performance (though there were many factors other than just the game behind my performance) my worst score in final exams ever in my school days was in 1998.
With the passage of time the love with a team in green shirts playing hokey alive, only few people know that I actually cried when we lost in recent past. The day when Sohail Abbas made a comeback was one of the happiest days for me. Today when one of the best names in the world of hockey team Pakistan is going through tough days, I feel like it’s my responsibility to support my love to get back whatever it has lost.
Today team Pakistan is in India to take part in the Hockey World Cup 2010, there was a great hue and cry for not taking part in this tournament; but I think there is no good for leaving a chance to go. My support is with the men in Green and I hope that we prove that we are the real champs of the game. The win or lose is the part of the game and it all meters only in the end, but the thing really matter is how they play and how much support we give to them. As my friend Abid Beli says;
its our duty to promote every thing about�Pakistan. we all need to own our country and country assets.
Let me confess one more thing that; I was on duty when I got to know the score of Pak VS Ind match and literally I was unable to take calls after it. Our players were in pressure and seemed to be under some serious stress, team India took full advantage of playing on home ground. That is past now today I am happy that team Pakistan is back in the game now by beating Spain. I heartily congratulate to team Pakistan and I am thankful to Abdul Haseem Khan who scored the goal in dying moments of the game to make us victorious at that time, and yeah he was also declared as Man of the Match.
Last night when I was on My Land Pakistan I updated the news of Pakistan’s victory and out of nowhere the hash tag PkHockey was dropped there by me. I am not in lust of taking any credit but so far I was the first one who used this hash tag. Till now it has become a way of supporting team Pakistan who is on a mission to bring the gold back home. I really want to thank Abid Beli. Abid Bhai was the man who gave strength to this has tag and brought many people on twitter to use it with their tweets, so that we can show our support to put hockey team.
Anyone can share news, pictures, videos and anything related to team Pakistan with this hash tag to show the support. No doubt Cricket is not the only game we are good at, and honestly I never expected team Pakistan to win T20 World cup but still I was a soldier of PkCricket brigade to show my support. It’s time to support team of our national game, join hands to increase their spirit, who knows our support do the miracle again.

One more thing that might be bit childish but I Heart PkHockey.

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