Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Zaid Hamid Admits His Links To Yousuf Kazzab - Videos out now

got this video from the page of Ghazawa e Hind on FaceBook. Well my quest for the real truth is still on, and these videos are some of the findings i have made so far. I don't have to say much but i must say that one must watch the video to decide. To me it is really a sensitive issue and it has been the reason that I have become more and more critical about Mr. Zaid Hamid. Well i don't have to say any thing else watch the videos and make a comment.
and by the way here is the description of these videos as per Ghazwa e Hind fan page:

Zaid hamid explains his view on yusuf kazzab and tries to prove that yusuf kazzab was not a liar.. watever the case. these videos prove in his own words, his link with yusuf kazzab which he has never declared to this day in public.. surprisingly he also points a technical mistake in questions posed to him..
"I know yusuf ali but not yusuf kazzab coz he is not a kazzab"..
May Allah guide us all..
There is no doubt that khilafah is an obligation but this man is not to be trusted in fulfilling this obligation..
"and khilafah will only be re-established on the method of prophethood" -(hadith)
May Allah give victory to the muslim ummah and save us from all deceptions and fitnas..

here is the list of Ulmas and people whom Zaid Hamid is calling FASIDDS, decide for yourself (courtesy I.T Mazdoor)

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