Friday, April 2, 2010

In The Search of Snow--9... Last evening in Swat Valley.

��Finally the beauty of weather showed its color and it started to rain, Sheri and I get into the jeep as we were�hanging out till that time. Sheri was 1st year student and was a nice guy, he was another friend I made during the trip. I sit beside Azeem and Sheri, to his hard luck, was sitting with Bilal. To create fun Bilal started to behave as if he is gay and trying to hit on Sheri, Sheri took thought that Bilal is a gay indeed when we (Azeem and I) gent into the situation as we were Bilal’s roommate so our statement must have a strong verdict.
At last we reached the hotel again and after paying the charges of jeep Bilal clarified that it was all joke and don’t be serious about it and asked Sheri not to take it seriously. As soon as Sheri said “it’s ok” bilal said; “ACHA PHIR PAPI DE DAY” (ok than give me a kiss) and we all started to LOL.
There was same Mash ki Dal in the lunch a few days back it used to be my favorite pulse but now I was totally fed up of it. We also planned about night as it was our last night in Bahrain, we decided to have Karhahi in dinner from Sangam Hotel and after that we will do some shopping. In the evening, after relaxing for a while we were getting ready to leave and roam about in the bazaar, Rashid came to our room by accident, Rashid used to be My Class Fellow and he is son of (now ex-) Lady Councilor of Ichra, Lahore.
Rashid has no idea about our room; we started to chat about different issues. Rashid told us about the boy of drowned in Swat River the same afternoon. I asked him that how was his day, he said all thanks to Faizan the day was totally wasted as he told all of them that road to Malam Jaba is closed so they all remain up late in night and woke up at 4pm and had “breakfast” at Iqbal hotel, that’s it.
Soon Rashid took our leave and we left the room to have dinner. One thing I realized that the taste of karhahi was not as good as it was at the time we had it before and they also charged us more this time.� After the bad experience of dinner we roamed about in the bazaar and did some shopping too. While we were coming back to the hotel we got to know that Sheri and rest of the group is gathered at Fish Center to have dinner, we reached the place and started to rock the place but being good guys we left the place before the food was served there.
It was time to clear the accounts of the day, so it was time for my duty as I was the official accountant of our group. I also packed my bag as I knew that in the morning I might not get chance to do it. While coming back to the room we also bought a bottle of MARINDA APPLE as we were supposed to go to the roam of Sheri and other group fellows to have some fun and play cards. Before we could leave for the expedition, Sadaqat came to our room and asked about our plans for the next day. “Nothing special, we will go to search CHASMA E SHIFA and do some Shopping that’s it” was the reply from our side. (continue...)
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