Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Is a Leader All About Sacrifice or We are Ungrateful???

In the quest of meaning of leader I sometimes come across to many events, books, and people even, and that's what happened again but this time I was not expecting it to happen. I was coming out of cafĂ© after having some tea, few guys were standing there when I was passing by them one of them asked, “are you the one who blogs?” As soon I answered the question another question came up but this time it was by one of other guy; “what you blog about?”. “PAKISTAN” was my answer.
The guy, who asked the question, seems not to be very happy with the system and leadership asked me another question “do you also blog about Quaid e Azam?” I said why not if it is required. With this line of mine the situation was changed and now we both were in an argument where I was only an active listener- - just to get a point from where I can hit back.
That guy was quite angry because of him, but the point he gave ,e was that the accept that Quaid is a great leader but he was not ready to accept the fact that Quaid was fighting for Pakistan as he believe that he was fighting for the personality clash.
He was stressing on a point that Quaid e Azam do not dissevers the respect which he is having today. Through out this discussion I was raising points to prove that Quaid was leader of whole nation not a certain class. In the mean while the guy who started the conversation was also in the ground with a diplomatic approach and he said a wonderful thing; “to be a leader one has to be self-centered”.
The angry young man was bit convinced and rather I should say was calmed due to the catharses he just did, but he was still stick with the point that why Quaid was enjoying the luxuries of fine suits and expansive cigarettes when most of his followers were starving for food, why he was using luxurious cars when the migrating newly became Pakistanis were being burnt in trains and having hardships In life. The crux of the point is that what he sacrificed to earn the respect where his followers gave away lives, bodies and wealth.
I can only say that the luxury he were enjoying-he warned it, don't forget he was one of the best lawyer at that time, and the respect he earned is due to the fact that he sacrifices the time of his life which he can use in making more and more money being a good lawyer, he sacrificed his health just to give a free home land to the Muslims of this region. The guys left the scene and I was moving to the destination of mine with a question in my mind “does a leader really have to sacrifice something physically... Or we are a nation of ungrateful people?”

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