Monday, February 1, 2010

the Oily Drone Attack by OGRA

This past Saturday, I was having a day off so I decided to finish some unfinished business and I started it by paying the bill of tailor uncle, getting the engine oil of my bike was the next, the list is bit long so let me come the thing I did last I went to the petrol pump and get some petrol filled in my bike, though at that time my bike was not in need of it, actually I had a fear or me should say I was expecting an increase in its price by the end of the month.
On Sunday evening, while I was sitting in my office I received an SMS which was more of a bad news, that evening was not that good got two bad news one after the other, it was an SMS by my friend and it goes like this:
(congratulations petrol price is increased by 6 Rupees and 10 pc)

It was a bad news indeed and for me it was like an old Punjabi saying (translation) when poor started observing fast days become longer, another similar saying can be found in Urdu which is based on hail and bald head. The first thing came in my heart was that don't worry you have bought it in lesser price but as my fiend said Laly wont U buy it again, ever??? The fear emerged suddenly and the reason behind the fast of poor captured me for a while, I started thinking that how will I mange the fuel expenses in future as office is shifting to new location which is far away from my home?
Till last night I thought about this but that I stopped warring about it, same old Pakistani way, nothing will be good if I will keep thinking about it, these were my feelings at that time. I have no complaint with the government now, because I have strongly started feeling now that there is nothing such as government in this country. It is only a blessing of Allah that this country is surviving till now.
When I am having news about the decrease in prices of oil in the world market we are bound to enjoy this commodity in 6.10 Rs more than the price we were paying till last weekend, and more on this as the petrol filling stations were also expecting this news they stopped the sale of petrol this Sunday to avail the golden opportunity. Such a pathetic thing happens every month when petrol's new price is expected no matter its rising or falling the fuel on the last day of month is hard to fined for a common man, oh sorry I forgot I call mango man not common man so I take the common part back. Still we expect that there is something like government.
I can't understand the mathamagical based formula of OGRA which decreases the oil prices in cents but increases the prices in rupees what a magic they have in their calculating devices. In the world market when oil price is 74.14$ per barrel and as per my calculations it might be costing near 58.31 Rupees per litter (these are my calculations and if someone has better and accurate calculations please do let me know and increase my knowledge). The figure I just put is inclusive the tax which government expect to earn. Still I am forced to believe that there is something which is called government, in this country. We can offer the basic necessities to the people, we cant control the inflation we cant control the sky high price hike its not in our control to stabilize the price of Oil and value of Rupee is still fluttering like a last leaf on a tree, but still we are eager to have Ranted Power Plants and if we are not forgetting they will also work or run on oil so get ready my country men for another increase in oil price soon.

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